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queen6 08-21-08 06:10 AM

How to disable powermizer?

How can I disable powermizer? Currently it's underclocking my graphic card to the level it's completely unusable. All settings seems to be read only.


Attribute 'GPUCurrentClockFreqs' (rob4300:0.0): 169,100.
    'GPUCurrentClockFreqs' is a packed integer attribute.
    'GPUCurrentClockFreqs' is a read-only attribute.

 Attribute 'GPUAdaptiveClockState' (rob4300:0.0): 1.
    'GPUAdaptiveClockState' is an integer attribute.
    'GPUAdaptiveClockState' is a read-only attribute.

also changing 2D Freq doesn't work (3D seems to work though)

Attribute 'GPU2DClockFreqs' (rob4300:0.0): 169,100.

Revs 08-21-08 06:14 AM

Re: How to disable powermizer?
There's no need for two threads. It'll only cause confusion. Please post responces in the other thread >>> http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=118226


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