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AranX 05-14-03 09:21 PM

4363 locks system with 2 different Nvidia cards
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When X is starting the screen blanks and locks the system up solid. I have installed the 1.0-4363 drivers using the installer.

I have reconfigured XF86Config per the instructions in the README.

The kicker is, both cards work with the RH9 provided nv driver. When I switch over to the nvidia driver, the system locks when X is starting.

The cards include a GeForce2 GTS and a TNT2 Pro.

I have an EPOX EP-8RDA+ and
XP-2100+ , which is not overclocked in any way. I beleive my mobo BIOS is version 6.00PG

I will include the XF86Config file I used for both cards, and the 4 log files, for each card I have one run with loglevel 5 and one without.

As I mentioned I am using RedHat 9, fully updated including the 2.4.20-9 kernel.

AranX 05-14-03 09:22 PM

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TNT2 log file, normal verbosity

AranX 05-14-03 09:22 PM

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TNT2 log file with logverbose 5

AranX 05-14-03 09:23 PM

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Geforce2 with normal verbosity

AranX 05-14-03 09:24 PM

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GeForce2 with logverbose 5

Haviola 05-14-03 11:40 PM

It certainly seems the 8RDA+ with its nforce chipset is problematic, as people, including me, are having trouble at the same point with the same board. The thread is at

It would be great to have some verification from nvidia that the problem has been acknowledged.


Haviola 05-17-03 04:59 AM

Just wanted to update that I got my own problem to work. Please read the end part of the thread:

Good luck,

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