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ziphnor 08-27-02 03:57 AM

Missing 3ddiag?
On my Redhat 7.3 system, i cannot install the GLX driver, it complains that it needs "3ddiag".
Ive searched google for a place to get it, but i cant find it, only a lot of people talking about running it.

Could anyone tell me where i can find this program?

Klaus-P 08-27-02 07:42 AM

Hello ziphnor,

Check out ftp.redhat.com, ftp.suse.com, or www.suse.com

ftp.suse.com and many mirror sites have it. Probably
you also need the correct rpm-packager!

Regards, Klaus

Klaus-P 08-27-02 08:26 AM



here f.i. you find a 3ddiag.rpm 27 Kb for download.

check the correct version number that you need
on your Redhat linux.

ziphnor 08-27-02 09:16 AM

The version on the Suse FTP, gives me an dependency error: "libhd.so.3 is needed by 3ddiag-0.369-36".

I assume this is because the 3ddiag rpm is the wrong version for Redhat 7.3?

I looked at ftp.redhat.com, and on the redhat CD's but i cant find it.
What is it exactly, and who made it?

How can i check which version i do need?

Klaus-P 08-27-02 01:27 PM

You can download older and newer versions by replaceing
the "7.3" in the suse-ftp address by 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 6.3, 6.2 ..
or the newest 8.0.

If your GLX package AND the nvidia kernel package (same version
number is required) are the correct ones, look at any error messages
when X is trying to start. Install according to the README file located
in the GLX package.

How old is your Redhat 7.3 distribution?
i'm running suse-linux here, an older 6.3 (i think from 1999)
with kernel 2.2.13 and 8.0 (2002) Kernel 2.4.18 and Xfree 4.0.
I'm sorry no experience with Redhat 7.3 :-(

I've read about it, not tested as yet, however it should work.
If you are connected to ftp.redhat.com you can do a RPM search,
in your case 3ddiag by entering

" site exec locate 3ddiag "

The system should display the location, or locations.

The 3ddiag-package contains diagnostic tools for the basic graphics
driver and system libraries and its configuration on the system,
written by a man called Stefan Dirsch. It has a GNU
General Public license.

ziphnor 08-28-02 03:46 PM

I dont think there are any errors in regards to X starting up, why should there be? I havent installed the drivers yet.

Anyway Redhat 7.3 is the latest stable redhat version, its quite new, comes with KDE3 etc.

I tried connecting to ftp.redhat.com (with "ftp ftp.redhat.com" and then issuing the command you gave, it knows the site command but when typing more than that it says unknown command.... :(

Does 3ddiag have a website perhaps? :)

Klaus-P 08-29-02 04:31 AM

Hello, Checked out something for your interest.. hmm.. maybe.
The author of 3ddiag is a SuSE programmer, and 3ddiag comes
with the SuSE Linux distribution. So RedHat will probably
do the heck to include a program from its business rival. ;-)

I found an email address of the author of 3ddiag.
"sndirsch@suse.de" (perhaps stdirsch and sndirsch is a missprint)

However i'm not sure that 3ddiag is really required to run the nvidia
driver for the README in the GLX package doesn't mention it. Though
in my distribution it says that 3ddiag is required by GLX.
But, my GLX and kernel package is precompiled by SuSE. Nevertheless
for some license issues the official nvidia driver compiled by the
distributor SuSE is NOT included in the SuSE-Linux CDs.
It's a bit confusing indeed. I guess because Redhat is an
other distributor similar license issues hold.

Perhaps you've simply downloaded the wrong GLX version for your
RedHat 7.3 Linux.

ziphnor 08-30-02 04:52 PM

LOL, im an idiot, i download the RPM for 7.3 alright, it just happened to be SUSE 7.3 and not Redhat 7.3.. DOH!
I downloaded and "--rebuild" the src GLX rpm without problems, im gonna install it tomorrow.

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