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pokerup 05-15-03 01:58 PM

newbee to redhat driver update questions problems
hi i am very new to the linux world of any sort mandrake redhat all completley new to me
ok so i load it up a few days ago and now am trying to load for the first time a updated driver the nvidia driver
i follow the instructions to the T
but all i get when i log in to startx is a black screen
the read me files says to change the nv in the FX86Config file to nvidia done that
says to get rid of the module line "dri"
the other two lins says to get rid of is not in the config file
when i look at the 86log it says GLX not loaded or something like that
i made sure i had all of the files it says and at leas that version or higher
so natuarlly i go out of x window and try to see whats up natuarlly being new completey new at this sort of thing im kinda lost
so in any event i find my way to the emacs program damn that thing is confuseing
but any way find my way in emacs to get to the config file to change it back to original
do that save it log out of emacs
uninstall the nvidia driver wala back to startx
every thing is normal
i have redhat 9 with what ever updates it has to it from the redhat network
have been 3 kernal updates since i loaded this 4 days ago
yes i did let the nvida installer build for this
anyone got any idea on whats going on that will help me
sure would appreciate it
im useing a gforce3 ti 200 msi card

pokerup 05-15-03 02:02 PM

1 Attachment(s)
ok post added after i posted here are my files
natually these are the files after i uninstalled the nvidia driver if that makes a diff

pokerup 05-15-03 02:05 PM

how do i submit the config file it says file type not supported for upload

DrOzz 05-15-03 02:40 PM

just cp the file somewheres else on your drive and before you upload it just give it an extension such as .log or .txt for you can upload it, cause there is only a selective few of recognized formats allowed for upload

pokerup 05-15-03 02:50 PM

1 Attachment(s)
ok here it is i thought it was done like that but seeing new to linux really still unsure about alot of things

bwkaz 05-15-03 04:08 PM

Can you change the config file back (to Driver "nvidia" and no Load "dri"), and then post the X log from a failing run? Copy it to somewhere else, then change the config file back again (to Driver "nv" so that X will start), then attach the log file from that failed run.

The log file from a run without the nVidia drivers even in use is useless, I'm afraid.

pokerup 05-15-03 05:40 PM

sure bw give me a little bit i have to figure out how to copy and save in emacs from scratch
this is one program that seems to be overly bundled with options making it complicated
to bad you cant use the old dos program on this thing that was a nice editor
but in any event ill post one in a bit if i can manage this emacs thing

pokerup 05-15-03 06:42 PM

1 Attachment(s)
ok here they are just for curiosity sake i tried to startx again and still black screen hmmm

pokerup 05-15-03 06:43 PM

1 Attachment(s)
and the second file

DrOzz 05-16-03 12:46 AM

ok d00d i dont' know if you are understanding, and yes i understand you say your new, but you have to change your xf86config file back to useing the "nvidia" and not "nv" and then try to boot and when it crashes or whatever it does, try ctrl-alt-backspace to kill X and if that doesn't work boot back into init 3 and copy the xfree86log somewheres and upload that for we can see what is going on....if you keep uploading the xfree86log using the nv driver we can't really help you troubleshoot this...

pokerup 05-16-03 02:10 AM

ok sorry for any confusion
but this is the file
i copied this file before i reverted back to a operable x window
if its showing that it is not i dont know how that can be i did not copy it into the orginal folder i copied it to another folder then uploaded it
i will do the same again
as it is very late i will have to do this sometime in the morning

DrOzz 05-16-03 08:34 AM

ok i will tell you why this is not the file...if you notice in that log file it says:


(II) LoadModule: "nv"
(II) Loading /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers
(II) Module nv: vendor="The XFree86 Project" compiled for 4.3.0, module version = 1.0.1 Module class: XFree86 Video Driver ABI class: XFree86 Video Driver, version 0.6
and then all the lines below being with "(II) NV(0):"...so no this is not the file....

k do this...press ctrl-alt-f1 and type "emacs /etc/inittab" when you get into the file, you will notice it says id:5:initdefault, move down to it and change that 5 to a 3....if you do not know what this does, all it is doing is changing how your computer boots....5 is graphical mode, 3 is text based...so when you reboot install your nvidia drivers and make all necessary changes in the config files...and then type startx....now when your machine crashes reboot it or kill X whatever you need to do and you will come back into text based mode (init 3) and log in....now navigate directly to /var/log folder and copy the xfree86.0.log file to somewheres else on your harddrive, since you didn't try to startx since the previous time it died, these logs will still show what went on when you were using the nvidia driver...then change your driver back to "nv" and then if you wish you can change your /etc/inittab to boot back directly to graphical mode by changing the value to 5 and when you do finally log back in, you will have the correct file for upload;)

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