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CyD 08-27-08 08:37 PM

What are my options for svideo?
Unfortunately, I seem to have few choices here.. I need to replace a dying card in my TV PC. I can't buy an 8xx or 9xx series card, due to the loss of support for s-video. 7xx series cards are hard to come by now, and are overpriced. It's still many months before I'll have a high-def TV. What's a guy to do?

apaige 08-28-08 01:53 AM

Re: What are my options for svideo?
Uh, my 8600GT does support S-Video. I know, because I use it everyday.

CyD 08-28-08 08:55 PM

Re: What are my options for svideo?
That's great news. Perhaps this is a vendor-specific issue.

I should note, I maybe wasn't completely clear in my post, the problem I and others have with cards newer than 7 series and tv-out is with overscan. The picture is larger than the TV screen, and overscan is disabled. Every series of card I've owned from geforce 1 to 7xxx series has not had a problem, but the eVGA 8500GT I purchased for the TV upgrade is a problem.

What specific make and model of card do you have, if I may ask?

Here's some more threads stating the problem, which I thought was just common knowledge by now:






Thanks for your reply!

apaige 08-29-08 01:26 AM

Re: What are my options for svideo?
You made it sound like 8xxx and 9xxx series didn't support S-Video at all. But yeah, for some reason you can't configure overscan anymore. You can do several things:
  1. buy a used 6xxx or 7xxx card on eBay;
  2. change your CRT TV for a flat screen (I don't know how big your TV is, but 20-22" widescreen LCD displays aren't that expensive anymore);
  3. use software scaling to compensate for overscan: with mplayer, I found out by trial and error the dimensions I needed to scale movies to, so that they would fill the whole screen without leaving much of the image off: mplayer -vf scale=912:520,dsize=912:520 -nofs for widescreen movies, for instance.

scottchiefbaker 09-18-08 02:34 PM

Re: What are my options for svideo?
I have a "nVidia Corporation GeForce 8500 GT (rev a1)" running "nvidia-x11-drv- 173.14.12-1.fc8" and I get pretty major overscan on my TV also. I read a bunch of posts and there don't seem to be a lot of solutions. If anyone comes up with a solution let us all know.

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