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jcrox 08-28-08 11:38 PM

Visual Studio 2008
Anyone use this and have any feedback on it?

bob saget 08-29-08 02:44 AM

Re: Visual Studio 2008
thats what i am using to slowly learn C#, i really dont know anything else or how to compare it to anything else. Really easy to work with it....

dxx 08-29-08 06:51 AM

Re: Visual Studio 2008
The predictive code feature is neat. Makes object oriented programming much easier, and saves an ungodly amount of typing. Better still, it will suggest things to you that you've never heard of before, so the app really does help make you a better developer.

Besides that, I very much liike the ability to develop software for pretty much any platform, be it interweb, PC, or mobile device, all in more or less the same way. Makes porting software extremely easy, and does wonders for the learning curve.

jcrox 08-29-08 06:57 AM

Re: Visual Studio 2008
ok, I should have been more specific....I know what Visual Studio is for and I know how to use it (been using it for almost 3 years), just wondering about this version. Is there anything new and cool with 2008 vs 2005?

walterman 08-29-08 07:52 AM

Re: Visual Studio 2008
VS is the best thing that Microsoft has created. It's a pleasure for the programmers. Version 2008 only adds more goods (like .NET 3.5), so, you cannot go wrong. Personally i still miss the x64 inline asm support, but, it comes with Macro Assembler 9 (SP1), so, it's ok even for low level stuff. :thumbsup:

Greasy 08-29-08 08:32 AM

Re: Visual Studio 2008
If you're doing web development with it the CSS support in design view is very nice. They also support java script debugging now, but it's not perfect IMO.

Feels a little slower than 2005, but that's the case with every new version.

To me it's a very nice upgrade from 05.

hemmy 08-29-08 07:02 PM

Re: Visual Studio 2008
I like it, I only used C++/C# Express Versions before 2008 came out though so I can't really compare it to 2005

jcrox 08-30-08 08:57 PM

Re: Visual Studio 2008
I'll be installing it tomorrow :D

walterman 08-30-08 09:11 PM

Re: Visual Studio 2008
The miracles come from yourself, not from the software ;)

ViN86 08-31-08 06:08 PM

Re: Visual Studio 2008

Originally Posted by jcrox (Post 1760347)
Anyone use this and have any feedback on it?

yea i have used it. great developing environment. it's much better than the previous versions imo. has a lot of nice tools for Office application plugins. the software is very intuitive and makes programming very easy.

DaveW 09-02-08 06:47 PM

Re: Visual Studio 2008
I like it. I like how you can target which version of the framework you want to compile for, so you don't need to keep VS2005 for .NET 2.0 and VS2003 for .NET 1.1 anymore. Plus the built in support for DLINQ etc is nice.

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