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forevrnite 05-15-03 07:44 PM

RH9, A7N8X, Nvidia display/NForce2 drivers
Ok, I got RH9 installed and managed to install the display drivers from the Nvidia site without destroying anything. However I'm noticing Hardware Acceleration is still grayed out in the display control window from system settings. I'm guessing the AGP gart stuff isn't enabled properly but I'm not sure what I need to do next. I was going to follow the instructions in the A7N8X sticky post for the NForce2 drivers but the Nvidia site doesn't have a package specifically for RH9, do I still need those drivers or is RH9 new enough that it comes with them? I saw some info in the readme for the display drivers about some AGP options in Appendix D so I'm going to check that out but I'm still not sure what I need to do about the NForce2 drivers themselves. Any tips?

leibold 05-16-03 03:13 AM

I'm not a RH user myself, but I seem to remember someone elses comment that RH doesn't recognize the 3D capabilities provided by the nvidia graphics driver. They are there, they do work, but the 3D enable box remains disabled. It's just cosmetic, nothing to worry about.
Try some 3D game (or glxgears) to confirm that 3D works.

forevrnite 05-16-03 03:39 AM

Ok thanks. One last question here, maybe this should be in the video card part or a general Linux forum somewhere but you guys have been really cool so far so I figure I'm gonna push it and ask anyway. Is there any way to specify what refresh rate to run at? I haven't tried it since installing the new driver but before on some type of generic "nv" driver that was recognizing the FX card I couldn't force it into a specific refresh rate by selecting a resolution and then limiting the refresh rate to one rate. In other words, I'm running at 1280x960 and I'd like to run at 75hz refresh though my monitor's settings for X are set to 50-180 (Viewsonic G90f) and at that resolution it defaults to 85hz which makes everything slightly fuzzy.

leibold 05-16-03 03:50 AM

In your XF86Config file go to the section monitor and change VertRefresh to the range you are willing to accept (perhaps 70-80). This will cause any modelines outside of that range to be disregarded (could be *all* in which case X won't start).
There is probably a config tool in Redhat that can generate modelines and update the XF86Config file for you, but there are modeline generators on several websites that you can google for if needed.

forevrnite 05-16-03 03:54 AM

Ok, I'll check that out. Yeah, I tried 75-75 one time and it did NOT like that lol. Of course, I actually prefer 1152x864 and it was running that at the same refresh I use in Windows (85 again) but the screen was shifted to the right for some reason. However I noticed once I installed the downloaded driver my screen shifted over to the left so maybe the "problem" I was having with screen position is now fixed so I'm gonna try 1152 again and see how it looks before I go play with the refresh again.

[edit] Well that's weird. I just tried 1152 and checking the OSD on the monitor the frequencies match what I get in windows but the screen is 1/4 inch off to the right. Must be something to do with the drivers I guess. I also just finished upgrading to the latest kernel on the RH site, a 13-9 Athlon kernel and just had to reinstall the display driver because of it so I know the display driver is in there correctly.

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