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Dreamingawake 09-01-08 10:40 AM

q6600 & crysis
I finally got myself a new processor.

Just wondering for those of you with a Q6600, what kinds
of frames are you getting in Crysis ?

I have my CPU overclocked to 3Ghz.. all cores idling 35-39, don't go up much under load..(nana2)

But playing at 1280x1024 with 4xaa in Dx9 with the latest MasterConfig, the HighResTexture
update, and the Dx 10 tweaks, it RARELY dips below 30, even in intense firefight
situations. And is averaging about 40? Fps sometimes it goes up to 50 or 60...

Crysis looks so sweet and a high FPS and is much more fun to play ! I can't
wait for Warhead now !!!!! :D

Eliminator 09-01-08 10:45 AM

Re: q6600 & crysis
i play at 1920x1200 with my custom very high DX9 config and i rarely get below 30 fps with my new GTX 280

3DBrad 09-01-08 01:17 PM

Re: q6600 & crysis
CPU isn't that important with Crysis, at least not yet. :)

brady 09-01-08 02:35 PM

Re: q6600 & crysis
I get extremely minimal performance gains going from 2.4Ghz to 3.6Ghz with my Q6600.

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