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Mike89 09-01-08 02:27 PM

Choice of 280 if you're still running a 1280x1024 monitor
Some comments from my experience so far with the 280. I have not yet joined the widescreen ultra resolution crowd. Simply put, I have no reason to do so as my 19" monitor does everything I want it to and my gaming experience is great with it (for me). I am not a casual gamer, I'm probably one who plays games more than most. I have always gone with the best video card, whatever model came out I got the top of the line. 7900 came out I got the GTX, 8800 came out I got the GTX, 260/280 came out I got the 280, etc. I always spent a little extra to get the best one.

I got this card for a couple of reasons. One, I read some reviews that had the 1280x1024 comparison (most did not as the reviews seems to assume no one is gaming with this res anymore). Those reviews still showed some very good performance increases from the 8800 GTX at that res. Two, my daughter has my previous 7900 GTX (she's a hard core gamer too, my gaming genes apparently got passed down to her, heh). That card is a little long in the tooth now and games I played at max settings with my previous 8800 GTX, I had to turn them way down on hers. So I figured I would be getting a nice performance increase and so would she (getting my old 8800 GTX to replace her 7900 GTX).

As for the two of us, so far my daughter has got the best deal as far as the differences playing games. For her, playing those same games are like playing them new again because of the differences in eye candy she gets now that she couldn't play at before.

My experience (switching from 8800 GTX to 280) has not been enhanced. So far I have not been able to feel a difference (and no I do not use FPS counters, they are a waste of my time and focus). As a matter of fact, some games the performance is actually decreased. Quake 4 is an example (still one of my favorite game to play, it's just fun). With the 8800 GTX I could play this game at "enhanced FSAA" at 16x and supersampling Transparency FSAA with no performance decrease. With the 280 I can't play it at that to get the same performance. I have to play it at straight 4x FSAA with no supersampling Transparency FSAA for it to play with the same smoothness. I am blaming this on the drivers right now (I hope that's the case) as I just don't think Nvidia has got it down to get all the performance out of this card yet. I've played quite a few games with the 280 and haven't seen one yet where I went "yeah this is what I'm talkin about" like I did going from the 7900 GTX to the 8800 GTX. At this time I haven't felt a difference. Hopefully this will change as the driver matures and newer games come out that can put the potential of this card to use.

Do I regret buying this card? No, mainly because of my daughter's situation. Am I overly impressed? Not at this time. Dunno what other's experiences of this card are playing at the same res I am and going from what I had. This is just my experiences so far. I also had to RMA the first one I got because it was bad so this is my second one (same card).

Hopefully as I play more games, my impressions will change.

wollyka 09-01-08 04:48 PM

Re: Choice of 280 if you're still running a 1280x1024 monitor
i also still play @ 1280*1024 (space in my room limits me to get a bigger monitor!),i upgraded from 8800GTX to GTX280..
Well, the performance increased for some games like crysis and Mass effect, i can now raise the quality and still has a better performance than my old card..
Granted, the increase in performance is no near the jump from SLI7800GTX to 8800GTX! but i am certain with newer games, things will change

Q 09-01-08 05:02 PM

Re: Choice of 280 if you're still running a 1280x1024 monitor
Thanks for confirming my reservations. I still game at that resolution and the 8800GTX is doing fine for the most part.

::hugs 19' CRTs::

mailman2 09-01-08 05:25 PM

Re: Choice of 280 if you're still running a 1280x1024 monitor
What a waste a GTX280 was. Should've went with a 22" monitor and HD4870 for the same money haha (launch price).

walterman 09-01-08 05:29 PM

Re: Choice of 280 if you're still running a 1280x1024 monitor
You can try to run games with SSAA 2x2 ;)

All that extra bandwidth & shading power should help, even with the modern titles.

I just upgraded from 1280x1024 to 1920x1200, and i'm still using the 8800GTX, but, mainly cause the GTX 280 could not be enough for my personal needs.

turdhat 09-01-08 06:36 PM

Re: Choice of 280 if you're still running a 1280x1024 monitor
In most games if you lower the res it runs faster plain and simple... I run 1280x720 and am pleased with my 280 purchase. Running Grid at 16xs super sample mode looks like a moving post card.. Im also on a 50 inch dlp screen which maxes at 720p so hi levels of aa are always needed. The 280 suits me fine and I get awesome framerates in every game with super sampling which gets rid of almost all jaggies on every object.. At 720p and 50 inches you can cut yourself on the jaggies.

I still cant believe Grid at max details runs 60fps about 95% of the time with dips to 52 on rare occasion using the 16xs combined mode. That mode it near perfect image quality.. I think its 2x2 supersampling and 4xaa so its like running at 2560x1440 with 4xaa.

rage10 09-02-08 01:23 AM

Re: Choice of 280 if you're still running a 1280x1024 monitor
hmm just getting this system online, where does my 9600 gso 768 stand next to the 8800gtx? and @ mailman2, what are you using to cool than Q6600?

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