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gdb 05-16-03 03:31 AM

Mandrakers 9.1 - there is a solution!!!
Hello everybody!

I have good news, :)
I've already posted my problem where I discovered
incompatibility between new MDK linux kernel
and NVIDIA drivers.

For those who cannot wait:

1) uninstall all nvidia stuff
2) install linux kernel from older distro, MDK 9.0 or MDK 8.2
3) reboot with new linux kernel
4) install nvidia normal way as recomended
5) startx..... :)

Second solution:
1) uninstall all nvidia stuff
3) compile and install new linux kernel
4) install nvidia in expert mode:
sh NVIDIA-**** --expert
It will ask a lot of questions
Press yes to all paths. Don't allow downloading from internet
anything -> afterwards installer will suggest to compile drivers itself. Do compilation, installation.
5) startx.....

The problem of MDK 9.1:
I could not run my GForce 4 MX on Siemens Scaleo 600
with the new standard MDK 9.1 kernel (2.4.21xxx, pre-patched).
But I installed linux kernel from MDK 8.2 (kernel 2.4.18) -
it worked. Also it workes perfectly with SuSE 8.1 (kernel 2.4.19).
So yesterday I downloaded latest STABLE LINUX KERNEL from www.kernel.org. It was _____2.4.20____________

Conclusion - don't use unstable linux kernel (that of MDK 9.1).

P.S. For curious people - X log file of crashed PC does not
reveal any problem.

Best regards and good luck!

alien999999999 05-16-03 07:05 AM

I'd like confirmation of Andy for this one.
Plus I won't change kernel, if indeed this is a problem with it, the driver should change...

BTW: I've tested the last 3 drivers with MDK9.1 as well as MDK 9.0, this doesn't help the KT400 problem.

PS: lots of people can get it to work without this procedure on mdk9.1, so this should be only a last resort, because you probably would still have the same problem, but then again: it might.

DrOzz 05-16-03 02:36 PM

well i am going to look into this, once i figure out on how to go about putting an older kernel on ;-)
i presently have 2.4.21-0.13mdk

DrOzz 05-16-03 04:47 PM

bah, i tried doing the 2.4.18 and when i did the make bzImage, it crapped out with an error 2, i find this happens alot in mdk9.1 with installing alot of things...

DrOzz 05-16-03 04:54 PM

actually come to think of it rh8 uses 2.4.18 and rh9 uses 2.4.20...and i had both distros on my box with the exact same problem i am having with my mdk9.1...so are you saying that problems will be solved using these kernels with just mdk9.1 or just in general, cause if you say just in general i would have to disagree cause of what i just mentioned

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