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theDon 08-27-02 08:11 AM

****ed up lightmapping
I've got NVdriver 1.0 2960 installed, with X 4.0.1, slackware 8.1 compiled. and when I have lightmaps on in quake 3 it runs, but looks ****ed up, then when vertex lighting is on, it runs, but freezes often, the whole system. Also I've tried disableing AGP and the mem=nopentium too.

Thunderbird 08-27-02 12:12 PM

Likely there is some Mesa stuff left on your system. Do "updatedb". Then use locate to find all files libGL.*, libglx.* and libGLcore.* and remove those files. After that reinstall the nvidia glx drivers and hopefully it will be clean again.

theDon 08-28-02 01:21 PM

just wanted to say thanks, it worked. whats weird though is that I checked the NVidia script when installing the GLX drivers, and what I did is exactly what was in the script, yet it still ****ed up before, and not now, ah well, if NE1 can shed light on the subject that would be great.

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