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hysing 05-16-03 07:11 AM

witch Nforce drivers to redhat 9?
I am running redhat 9, a Abit NF7-S card and a Athlon xp 2400+

When I am looking for some new Nforce driver I only find files for the older redhat versons like red hat 8 and 7.3
So I figured out to try to use the :
NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0248.src.rpm file
IS that the right one to use?
I tryed to just dubleclick on the file, but it would'nt work. Is that the right ting to do?

I am running the kernel

bwkaz 05-16-03 07:54 AM

You're going to need to have kernel-source installed (the version has to match your running kernel) and configured.

You're then going to need to do an rpmbuild --rebuild nforce-whatever.src.rpm to actually create a usable RPM.

Then, look through the output of rpmbuild to see where it writes the rpm to (usually somewhere under /usr/src/redhat/), and rpm -ivh that file.

However, I'm not sure 256 will even compile on RH9, due to the kernel changes. Go ahead and try it, but if you get errors about remap_page_range, then that's the bug you're seeing.

hysing 05-16-03 08:38 AM

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Thanks a lot, but as you said I got some bugs.

It was something like:
RPM build errors:
user buildmeister does not exist - using root
user buildmeister does not exist - using root
user buildmeister does not exist - using root
user buildmeister does not exist - using root
Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.58782 (%build)

bwkaz 05-16-03 01:24 PM

Those aren't the errors -- they're just warnings. I know, I know, it says "build errors:", but if you look up higher, they're each tagged with a "warning:". :)

The errors are (or rather, the error is) that the drivers couldn't patch your i810_audio.c file, so the package creation failed (I think it should just be ignored, personally, but that may cause more problems on other systems).

Anyway, the nvnet driver built, so if you don't care about the audio driver, just copy that file (that is, nvnet.o) as root from /usr/src/redhat/wherever/it/is to /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/net/nvnet.o and do an /sbin/depmod -ae (to make sure there aren't unresolved symbols somewhere). Then you should be able to add alias eth0 nvnet to /etc/modules.conf and run depmod -ae again (you don't have to run depmod twice, but you do have to run it after changing modules.conf, and it's a good idea to also run it after first putting the kernel module in place).

hysing 05-17-03 05:00 AM

yepp the audiodriver i have now works fine. so I gues Ill do so.

bromod 05-20-03 11:59 PM

I was able to build the latest on RH9 - see my post...

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