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staun 09-04-08 12:39 PM

THANK YOU nVidia Linux guys :)
Hey zander and the other nVidia Linux guys,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say: THANK YOU. The driver is definitely improving, and I am finding fewer and fewer problems, and the speed has been drastically improving on my Geforce 9600 with the latest betas and your hints on this forum.

I suggest we keep this thread PROBLEM FREE; as a way to show the guys at nVidia that what they're doing is actually working for some of us - it's not all problems (nana2)

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!


memeyou 09-04-08 01:01 PM

Re: THANK YOU nVidia Linux guys :)
I wonder if nVidia likes cake or pie.

mooninite 09-04-08 02:25 PM

Re: THANK YOU nVidia Linux guys :)
ATI and nVidia are both producing better and faster drivers. Is the sky falling?

Well, I guess the sky will only fall if nVidia goes open source (not their binary driver, their hardware specs).

oyvind 09-04-08 03:40 PM

Re: THANK YOU nVidia Linux guys :)
I'll take the opportunity to tag along here. Drivers are working better and better, excellent speed improvements, and the latest beta is very stable for me.

Intel Core2Quad Q9300@2,5GHz, 4GB RAM, GF8600GT, Ubuntu Hardy/Gnome (no Compiz).

aolmos 09-10-08 09:49 PM

Re: THANK YOU nVidia Linux guys :)
I have to say, when I had a 6150 and was hitting the dual core, bug, I started to lose faith. I took the same cpu and memory and moved it to a new 8300 motherboard and haven't had a crash since.

Also, I have hooked up 3 nvs440 video cards at once utilizing 12 monitors and had it work. Pretty impressive. Thanks Nvidia Linux guys, hang in there!

mdoerner 09-10-08 10:33 PM

Re: THANK YOU nVidia Linux guys :)
I'm a former ATI guy, and got an NVIDIA 7300 GT expressly because I could never get my old ATI Radeon 9000 to work in OpenGL for Quake 3 Arena. Glad to see vendors (besides HP) coding for Linux now.

I do have questions about the 8200 chipset and SLI support (Yes, I know Hyper SLI isn't supported under Linux, but that will be another thread.)

Mike Doerner

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