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amppa 09-04-08 01:12 PM

Open office slide show with projector
I am not able to show Open Office presentation slide show using external projector. I have T61 with NV140, using ubuntu 8.04.
Projector is detected, Iam able to change resolution and otherwise working fine, but "Multiple monitors" selection in "Open office presentation -> Slide Show -> Slide show settings" is grayed out. If I start slide show, half of the screen shows in laptop screen and half in external projector.
If external LCD display is used instead of projector, multiple monitors selection is enabled and I can show slide show on either display. Any idea what could be wrong ?

blargh 09-05-08 01:33 PM

Re: Open office slide show with projector
Yeah, I see that happening too using twinview. You could try setting it to use seperate x screens. The other option, which actually works much better for slideshows/presentations is to use twinview in CLONE mode. That way you have the projector working behind you, but you also can see what is showing on your laptop in FRONT of you without having to turn your back to your audience to see what's on the screen.

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