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lugot 05-16-03 07:34 AM

RH 9.0 and GeForce 2 go (mobile)
I have a dell C810 Lattitude that has a geforce 2 card. I have used the default driver on RH 9.0 for the installation. It "works" but the screen on the laptop is 14" the SHOWN screen is about a 8" x 6" square.

I thought well I'll just update the drivers from nvidia, well.....I'd love to but RH 9.0 boots up into X every time, I recall on RH 8.0 I had the option to choose a graphical login or a text login. On RH 9.0 I was not given that choice.

I have to be root running in text mode before I can update the driver because it changes XF86Config, this file cant be changed while X is running.

How do I get around this?:afro:

bwkaz 05-16-03 07:56 AM

Edit /etc/inittab and change id:5:initdefault: to id:3:initdefault:

Then reboot.

Or, log out (to the GUI login screen), do a ctrl-alt-f1, log in as root (or log in as your normal user and then "su -" to root if you have a high security level set), and do an init 3. But that won't change the startup runlevel permanently, so if you do that, make SURE the nVidia drivers will work after a reboot.

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