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kubuntuuser 09-05-08 05:25 AM

FX-5200 driver always uses wrong refresh rate after reboot.
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This week I installed a new driver, which I downloaded from the Nvidia website.
I can use the new driver to enable my CRT monitor to use a higher refresh rate, 100 Hz, which is good. But it fails to correctly install this new refresh rate in the X Server configuration file.

After I reboot, the refresh rate is 60 Hz, which flickers terribly!
It has apparently managed to modify the X Server configuration file, because 60 Hz is different from the 85 Hz that I was getting before I installed the driver, but it has done so incorrectly.

So every time I boot into Linux, I have to open the to "Nnvidia X Server Settings", and set the refresh rate to a higher refresh rate.

What can I do about this, to get it to use 100 Hz after a reboot?

Do I have to edit the "xorg.conf" file to get it to start with the correct refresh rate?

I am using Kubuntu 8.04.1, with a GeForce FX-5200 graphics card. The driver I installed is version "173.14.12". I'm using a Sony GDM-F520 monitor, which I run at 1600 * 1200.

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