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cervo 09-05-08 01:57 PM

I would like to use CUDA on FreeBSD
I would like to use CUDA on FreeBSD.

I heard some people use old version CUDA on FreeBSD with linuxlator.
But I want native version CUDA for FreeBSD.

Best regards,

arundel 09-05-08 03:29 PM

Re: I would like to use CUDA on FreeBSD
i second that request.

i got a hold of the cuda sources, but there seems to be some linux specific stuff in there. i wasn't able to compile the sources under freebsd.

there's a howto on this page if you want to cross-compile cuda for linux: http://fonlake.blogspot.com/search/label/cuda

running linux cuda is great, but running cuda natively under fbsd would be even better. :)

maybe you guys could go through the cuda code and make some changes so it compiles under *bsd and solaris. unix in general.


cervo 09-06-08 12:36 PM

Re: I would like to use CUDA on FreeBSD
Thank you for your replay and agreement.

I saw the site that had been taught you.
It's very nice.
I will try to run CUDA.:)

Best regards,

Frostybeard 09-27-08 12:21 PM

Re: I would like to use CUDA on FreeBSD
Yep. I would like to see it too. I use PC-BSD, which is based on FreeBSD.

I have a 6200, but I will buy a better one if that is what it takes to get CUDA working. I am wondering if the gcc compiler (or an adaptation of it) could be made to run as a CUDA program with gmake (or an adaptation of it) that can run many instances of gcc. It is possible on the normal system processor with the -j argument. It sounds like CUDA could have hundreds or thousands of threads running.

It would also be nice to get an operating sytem kernel together that makes use of CUDA. This is huge stuff, this CUDA, and it has a lot of implications.

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