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kriko 09-05-08 05:14 PM

[177.70]KDE 4.1.x heavy artefacts
Recently I updated KDE (using factory repo from opensuse) and window content is b0rked.
E.g. when I switch between two windows, sometime content will not redraw (see screenshot). When watching videos in mplayer and switching between windowed / fullscreen mode screen will also flash and leave artifacts behind.
Now after a day of uptime - while watching a movie, whole screen gone white - leaving me only with mouse cursor visible. Applications were responding but I was blind.

Is latest kde 4.1.x branch using something new that is broken in nvidia drivers or is it a kde 4.1.x problem?

klonky 09-05-08 05:59 PM

Re: [177.70]KDE 4.1.x heavy artefacts
I have the exact same problem since the last kde4 update from opensuse 11 factory repo. I didn't have this behaviour before this (and I've been running 177.70 for a while now) so I assume this is something related to changes in kde rather than a driver issue? Hard to say..

our symptoms are identical, I noticed the same behaviour with smplayer. Sometimes it does not want to be set to fullscreen, but most of the time the screen flashes in fullscreen and instead of black background I get grey background.

kriko 09-05-08 06:23 PM

Re: [177.70]KDE 4.1.x heavy artefacts
Thank you for your confirmation!
I'll open a bug report - would you please confirm it?
But I doubt I'll do this today since it is very late here...

kriko 09-05-08 06:43 PM

Re: [177.70]KDE 4.1.x heavy artefacts
Bug opened, please confirm here (and add own reports, test cases....)

kriko 09-06-08 12:39 PM

Re: [177.70]KDE 4.1.x heavy artefacts
It is confirmed that it doesn't happen under same settings and kwin on 9xxx. It is probably a part of problem on nvidia side.

klonky 09-06-08 12:42 PM

Re: [177.70]KDE 4.1.x heavy artefacts
A friend with an 8600GT and 177.70 drivers doesn't experience this either, so it's something specific to series 6 and 7?

kriko 09-06-08 12:53 PM

Re: [177.70]KDE 4.1.x heavy artefacts
Klonky, does he use kwin from 1.4.x branch? It only happens after they switched to fresh branch code and reenabled effects. And it seems only to happen on one 6600gt and 7600gt - so might be really 6xxx and 7xxx related.
A user using same distro and updates (settings too) confirmed that there are no problems on 9800GT.

If I add changelog of kwin rpm from opensuse - factory repo:

Thu 04 Sep 2008 02:00:00 PM CEST
- temporarily disable kwin self-check until the problem is found

Wed 03 Sep 2008 02:00:00 PM CEST
- add libsensors4 support

Tue 02 Sep 2008 02:00:00 PM CEST
- switch to the kwin branch for 11.1 (e.g. bnc#418772)
Thu 28 Aug 2008 02:00:00 PM CEST

- update to 4.1.1
  * see http://kde.org/announcements/changel...4_1to4_1_1.php

This is mostly due to changes made on Tue 02 Sep 2008. Before was working.

kriko 09-07-08 04:57 AM

Re: [177.70]KDE 4.1.x heavy artefacts
Bug exists even on radeon 9250SE. Now I'm sure it's kwin fault. But still there is no video flashing like on my 7600gt.

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