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shosking 07-29-02 02:28 AM

In the README.txt file, for installing nvidia drivers, it says that you must install the srpms with the same gcc --version as that was used to compile the Kernel. I have a newer version and was wondering if I must remove the new version, and download the old version (is this possible) or is there some other way to rpm with the old version of gcc.

any thoughts on this?

Thunderbird 07-29-02 02:53 AM

There's a setting that can disable that GCC error the nvidia makefiles will give but that is not recommended. I heard several cases where this caused a lot of strange problems, so I would recommend you to use the "old" gcc for it.

shosking 07-29-02 02:59 AM

thanks thunderbird!
ah, does this mean that i should reinstall an older gcc rpm? :confused:

Thunderbird 07-29-02 03:12 AM

Perhaps the old gcc is left somewhere else on your system. (That happens sometimes for backwards compatibility)

Are you sure you are already using that new gcc 3.x? (for distributions which didn't come with 3.x they sometimes give the gcc binary another name like gcc3 or gcc-3.)

Else you need to install the old gcc.

DarkLLord 07-29-02 10:46 AM

you don't HAVE to

simply say


(or whatever the environment variable is called)

And if works fine

And as long as you use a gcc newer than 3.0x you are fine

I use 3.1 for EVERYTHING and it works

Thunderbird 07-29-02 11:10 AM

As I said that override option isn't good. Compiling a kernel module using a different gcc version is very bad. It really caused some strange problems for a lot of people with the NVdriver.

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