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dzedzol 05-16-03 11:41 AM

linux drivers & overlay color controls
Hi there!

I have a simple question:
how to control overlay colors?
I mean how to adjust brightness or saturation of video movie?
I use "mplayer" to watch video's, and I've got the latest display drivers.

Thx in advance for answears.

alien999999999 05-16-03 11:52 AM

you shouldn't use the overlay as a moviething, I guess you'd have to ask mplayer to implement that feature.
overlay should be used for OSD (on screen display) as does xine.
I'd advice you to use xine, which has the ability to adjust brightness, hue, etc... for your movie: http://xinehq.de/ xine can play almost anything there is... realplay, quicktime, wmv, asf, asx, avi, divx, dvd, vcd, svcd, ogg, xvid, mov, digital and analog TV+has nvtv control...

dzedzol 05-17-03 02:55 AM

Well, thanks for advice, but it's useless. Under term 'overlay' I mean hardware accelerated video surface, and I need some software to control brightness of this thing. I've got only celeron 366@413, so movies with big resolution won't play smoothly:( And, I need to load subtitles to watch movie. Under Xine color controls does'nt work, and I have no idea how to load subtitles, so I use Mplayer.

best regards

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