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strife 05-16-03 12:51 PM

don't know how to do this
hi i just installed mandrake linux 9.1, and i was trying to install the .run file nvidia had on there web page.
im totaly new to linux and don't know how to get this to install.
could some one please tell me how to do this step by step? :confused:

GlowStick 05-16-03 03:11 PM

ok download the file and close X Windows (mandrake users usually have it load on boot)

in the console go to the dir where you put the .run file then type
sh <filename>.run

follow the on screen instructions, then you have to edit your XF86Config file according to the readme, its just 2 lines easy as pie.

The Baron 05-16-03 03:12 PM

Or, just look in the Linux forum. It's jam-packed of Tasty Answers about Windows and nVidia products.

OK, so it's actually about Linux. I just wanted to make you go "WHA?!" for about 2.6 seconds.

strife 05-16-03 09:38 PM

how do you close x windows?, im totaly new and dont really know how to do this

DrOzz 05-17-03 01:54 AM

well you could either edit your /etc/inittab to boot to console which would be id:3:initdefault or if your using mandrake you can press ctrl-alt-f1 and type /etc/init.d/dm stop and install the drivers...i'd advise you to do what i mentioned first just in case something goes wrong and you can recover easier....when you follow all steps and install the drivers all you do is type "startx" at console and see if your a successor :P

strife 05-17-03 10:31 AM

never mind
never mind i figured out how, thanx

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