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Berg 05-16-03 01:49 PM

nForce2 Chipsets - 5/16/03 12:10 pm
How about including a link mcfly. Happened a few times before. Maybe because the topic wasnt about something we could all care less about like one of u passing a test at school or some give a crap reason why you havent been posted lately. No offense but your front page has gone from a professional NVIDIA site to more of a forum comic strip in the past year. I know Im not the only who noticed but with the FX5900 out, more people will. Im sure Ill get flamed for this, but the truth hurts. You might think they all are just "small mistakes" but after seeing the mispelling, broken links, etc, after awhile, it makes the page look amature, which as long as NVNEWS has been around, shouldn't be the case. Step up the game now that people will be interested in NVIDIA again.

vampireuk 05-16-03 02:30 PM

Fixed, shame on me for only been human. It's people like you that make me hate helping out.

saturnotaku 05-16-03 02:48 PM

Re: nForce2 Chipsets - 5/16/03 12:10 pm

Originally posted by Berg
but the truth hurts.
That people who complain about spelling mistakes when they themselves should consult a dictionary/English textbook are individuals who live in glass houses who shouldn't be throwing stones?

poursoul 05-16-03 03:36 PM

maybe this is a bad time to bring up that you also forgot the link for the Atuner update. :(

vampireuk 05-16-03 04:00 PM

Now that just has a comedy value to it, it's kind of hard juggling 5 conversations, eating and posting news at the same time. I could cut out the eating I guess because I am some sort of news posting robot;)

vampireuk 05-16-03 07:06 PM

7 posts and everyone of them complaining about the same thing, we watch each others posts here. If we spot a mistake we will edit the post to fix it. If it is something important like a link missing, a polite email is a lot better than something like this. Contributing to the site goes down a lot better than complaining publically. I'm closing this thread now, also you are the only person who has complained about my little non news bits:p

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