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_MiniMe_ 09-10-08 03:56 AM

NvAGP/AGPGART on PCIe systems

First of all, I know that there are similar threads already and I searched for a while before posting this but I still have some unanswered questions...

I've got a GF8800 PCIe card and an nForce chipset and the suspend mode does not work (i.e. does not resume). When searching for a solution I found some howtos that all told me to set the NvAGP option to "1" in order to use NVidias AGPGART implementation. It seems somewhat strange to use such an option on a PCIe system but the howto I followed stated:


note that this is necessary even for PCI-Express graphics cards for resume to work reliably
it's from the ubuntu wiki:

So I set the "NvAGP" option and blacklisted the agpgart module. But this does not change anything. The agpgart module ist still loaded by the nvidia-module (according to the lsmod output) and resuming from suspend still does not work. I tried several driver versions, including the latest 177.xxx beta drivers.

Here are my questions:
- does the "NvAGP" option has _any_ impact an a PCIe system (even if it's only for resuming)?
- why does the nvidia driver depend on agpgart on a PCIe system?

I hope that someone (maybe an NVidia developer?) can finally clarify this. It would be great if the NVidia readme would be updated to cover this case...


Kirurgs 09-10-08 06:57 AM

Re: NvAGP/AGPGART on PCIe systems
Please specify laptop model You are using.
I have wrote quite lengthy experience on suspend / resume in this thread http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=109199.

I have to note that NvAgp doesn't change anything in my system, if it works - it does it, if not - no NvAgp is going to help.

_MiniMe_ 09-10-08 08:10 AM

Re: NvAGP/AGPGART on PCIe systems
I don't have a laptop, it's a machine with a GeForce8800 on a MSI mainboard with a nForce 5 or 6 (can't check this right now) chipset. I've already found your thread and read most of it (thx for sharing your experience btw).

Anyway, that's not my point. What I'd like to know is if the "NvAGP" setting has any impact on a PCIe system and why the nvidia-driver depends on the agpgart-module on such a system.

There are many howtos out there that all describe the same procedure (probably because they copy each other), whether it's a AGP or PCIe system, and I suspect that the almighty "enable NvAGP" advice is ************ if you're on a PCIe system. But I cannot prove that, so I've decided to post this thread and maybe get a clear answer. If at least some of the howtos would be corrected (primarily the "big ones" from ubuntu & co) there would be less people experiencing strange problems and asking the same question again and again...


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