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scottli1 05-16-03 04:46 PM

RPM files for Red Hat 8
New to Red Hat but not to Unix,

I must be misunderstanding something. I've read all the documentation for downloading and installing the kernel and GPX driver files.

I believe I have all the software pre-requisites.

Problem 1 - First the document does not seem to explain how one acquires or creates the RPM files. I seems to jump from having the .gz files to installing RPM files. Other threads seem to do the same so I assume everyone but me understands.

I've been searching the Nvidia site for the Red Hat RPM files and can't find anything. I did download the following files:

- NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-4180.tar.gzseem
- NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4180.tar.gz

I gunzip-ed and untar-ed the files. They don't contain RPM files!


Problem 2 - OK so there's no RPM files I'll switch to an SRPM install. When I compile I receive an error stating something about 32bit or does not support 64 bit.

Is this possibly I don't either have the correct hardware or Linux Installation? :) :rolleyes:

DrOzz 05-17-03 02:02 AM

download the latest version which is a shell script and you don't need the rpms or srpms because the latest version supports your version of redhat...but if you want to go back to an older version, they do have rpm files which you can use, and they also supply a file called NVchooser.sh which will tell you which files you need if you wanna take the route...

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