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holycow 09-11-08 11:53 PM

GTX 280 Unstable [Solved]
I just installed my BFG GTX 280 OC a week ago and have experienced stability problems since then. My system would run for 5-10 min, then I'd get a black screen and system freeze. This would happen several times in a row, then it would be fine for an hour or so. It didn't matter if I was playing a 3D game or just web browsing.

I thought it might be an issue with the video drivers, but it happened in WinXP and Linux. It even happened once while viewing my BIOS settings. Just to be sure, I tried the drivers that came with the card (v177.26) and the latest beta (v177.92), but still had issues. In Linux, I tried the various beta drivers from 177.13 to 177.70 (latest). No avail.

Then I came across a post (don't remember where) that suggested reseating the card. I tried this, and I must say it seems to have solved the problem. I've gone more than 24 hours without a single freeze or black screen. I've also been able to play WoW, CoD4 and other games for hours without a problem.

Anyway, I just wanted to pass along this tidbit in case anyone else was having similar issues. Try reseating the card in the PCIE slot, and ensure it's fully installed.

BTW, my max temps at full load never got above 85c, so it wasn't overheating.

lallous 09-12-08 01:55 AM

Re: GTX 280 Unstable [Solved]
That is a good thing to know.
Thanks for sharing :D

EciDemon 09-12-08 04:36 AM

Re: GTX 280 Unstable [Solved]
Some chassies do have a bit of a fit problem when you secure your cards. I have such problems as the stances you place below the mobo i think are too short, the result being when I secure a card with a screw the card some times pops up a few milimeters and the card wont work. Happens for both gpu and soundcard.

john19055 09-14-08 07:42 AM

Re: GTX 280 Unstable [Solved]
I bought a BFG GTX280 OC and when I put it in all I had was little white circles everywhere including the Bios.If I could get it to window it just had three big lines each a different color and I could'nt see none of my Icons.I tried everthing reseating ,different power supplies ,a different mother board .I fineally gave up and decided I just had a bad card.

redserv 09-14-08 06:10 PM

Re: GTX 280 Unstable [Solved]
thanks alot man , i am happy things worked out for you :)

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