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bigbadbaugh 05-16-03 06:05 PM

Help, total redhat noob, need quite alot of help
Decided to install redhat 9 on my second computer as I need to learn it for my college course.

I currently have a few problems.

1 - How do I install the latest nvidia drivers, i no you cant do it within X, and you have to do it in some dos like envorment, but how do i get to it and what do i do ?

2 - Ive downloaded quake 3 and installed it for linux, but when i run it, the screen quickly flashers and then nothing happens, like it going to launch the game.

3 - Anyone no where i can get any of the following programs for linux:

Ut2k3 (not just dedicated server if possible)

Kazza (Lite if avaliable)

Half life (not just dedicated server if possible)

I no this is a nvidia forum so any help on the 1st question would be fine, even if you ignore the rest. Remember, this is the first time ive used this and i no nothing, its like ive started on pcs again.

Cheers people, hope you can help

DrOzz 05-17-03 01:59 AM

ok well first edit your /etc/inittab to boot to console and when you do that install the nvidia drivers, and make appropriate changes to the config and type startx in console...when you get in, you'll have to install and configure a program called "wine" to play games such as half-life and programs such as "kazaa"...i think the page is www.winehq.com if you want to read up on it.......and just to tell you half-life is capable of playing in the wine version, you don't need the transgaming verion winex to play it....

bigbadbaugh 05-17-03 05:24 PM


Cheers for that m8 but I could still do with some more help.

How do I edit the intitab, what lines do I need to change and after the installation how do I change it back ? More info needed please ?

Also, I thought wine wasnt needed for halflife as their is an offical version, are all hl/cs dedicated linux servers on the internet running Wine ???

Any help would help


DrOzz 05-17-03 06:01 PM

ok first all you do is go into the console and "su" to root access and type "emacs /etc/inittab" and when your in the file change the line that says "id:5:initdefault" to "id:3:initdefault" and press ctrl-x ctrl-c to exit and it will ask to save changes just press yes...when you reboot you will boot directly into console....you will do the same to change it back, just by editing the file back to saying id:5:initdefault...
as of wine, i thought you were referring to playing the actual half-life/cs game in linux...if your just setting up a server, then no you don't have to use wine, and no, no cs/hl servers use wine to be setup....

bigbadbaugh 05-18-03 09:12 AM


Cheers for that m8 I will try it when I get home.

I understand what you are saying now, their is a dedicated linux version of hl, but not an actual game version of hl for linux, unless you use wine.

2nd, any ideas why quake 3 wont work. Ive checked the system specs and it says something about glib ?

Is this something to do with open gl, as that would explain why the screen flashers and nothing happens when I try to load it.

I did a quick look on google for glib and d/led it, but you have to compile it and thats when i gave up, what the hell is it ?

Finally, i know theirs a dedicated verison of ut2k3 for linux, but is the game avaliable to play solo, or will you need wine ?

Please help


DrOzz 05-18-03 09:58 AM

well them couple little questions sound easy enough to answer, but i do not have the answers to them...i am sure a couple minutes of searching google will give you some answers you need...

bigbadbaugh 05-21-03 01:05 PM

I got the drivers installed without much trouble, everything installed nicely and it wasnt as hard as i thought.

Got a problem now, how do I edit the file back so i can boot back to Redhat as normal ?

I no i need to change the file to have a 5 instead of a 3, but how do I do it ?

Please help as im unable to do anything on the pc now.


mmaster 05-21-03 02:11 PM

to get back to the gui screen, follow the instructions you used to get into command line mode... in reverse :)

su, then "emacs /etc/inittab" and when your in the file change the line that says "id:3:initdefault" to "id:5:initdefault" and press ctrl-x ctrl-c to exit and it will ask to save changes just press yes...when you reboot you will boot directly into console.

(the above quoted heavily and changed slightly from DrOzz's post)

quake3 = now that you have the nvidia drivers installed, reboot and try again. it *should* work.

ut2k3 = the retail version of UT2k3 has the linux installer on the 3rd disc. There isn't a download for it. At least, not a legal download for it...

kazaa = I've never used kazaa..

half-life and mods = again, you need a retail copy. wine from winehq will work (as previously noted), BUT, I found Transgaming's Winex to be far easier to setup,install,use. It'll cost you $5/month, but it will allow you to run a mulitide of windows games - including many that won't work w/regular wine. I found it to be worth the purchase price, you may not

edit: I hang out in #cofr on east.gamesnet.net in the evenings (the gamesnet irc network has many different servers though). my irc nick is, unsurprisingly, MMaster, and there are other linux guys willing to help even if I'm not there. just mention my nickname...

bigbadbaugh 05-21-03 04:21 PM

Thanks very much ive sorted it now, boots up as normal.

As for quake 3 I still need some help with it.

I go to run and type "quake 3", this time it puts me in some weid resolution, like 320x320 i think.

Nothing happens.

I then tried it again, run , "Quake3", but this time checked the "run in terminal."

It loads up the text bit, just like in the windows version, but after that nothing happens, and again the res is really big.

There are no open windows on my desktop, all i can see is my desktop in a really big res !

Any ideas ?

Thanks very much

mmaster 05-21-03 06:46 PM

when you go into the gui (what desktop do you run, anyway? gnome? kde?), do you see the nvidia logo splash screen?

if not, then....
as root, do this command in a console (in kde, you can start, run, konsole)

lsmod |grep nvidia

note the pipe character (shift backslash on my keyboard)

if you don't see something similar to:
nvidia 1669728 10 (autoclean)

then you haven't gotten the drivers loaded.

you'll have to:
insmod nvidia

if you DO see output like the above, then the drivers are loaded.. next, do this command:

(expect to see some animated gears)


glxinfo |grep direct

expect to see...
direct rendering: Yes

this will at least tell us if opengl is running.

also, read the quake3 readme!
cat /usr/local/games/quake3/README-linux.txt |more

it should explain that you need to copy a file or files from the cd to complete the install.

report back your findings and we'll try to help you a bit more

bigbadbaugh 05-23-03 11:50 AM

Ok m8 will try that as soon as I get in from work as i currently dont see the Nvidia splash logo upon startup.

Im currently using the Gnome desktop as i tried the KDE desktop once and it crashed upon load. Is KDE more windows like ?

Ill report back later tonight

Cheers you guys

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