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JJacob 05-16-03 09:15 PM

Today is the first day I have ever used linux. Installed Mandrake 9.0 on my Dell 8200 which has a Geforce 4. However as everyone knows the video doesn't work. So I download the patch and execute. Selected Geforce4 and 1024x16bit in XFdrake, closed, then typed startx. It opens and everything is great. I then reboot and get an error that says:

failed to initialize the nvidia kernel module!
Screens found but none have a usable config
Fatal error no screens found
XIO Fatal io 104 connection reset by peer on X server...

So I have no idea what I am doing, I got it to work again by reinstalling, but once i reboot, it stopped working again. What do I need to do? Thanks in advance. IM me if you know how to fix this JJacob983


DrOzz 05-17-03 01:55 AM

post your xf86config file and xfree86.0.log file and we'll see if we can troubleshoot whats going on..

bwkaz 05-17-03 09:06 AM

Did you run the installer in failsafe mode?

If so, don't do that. :D Oh, and then do the following.

But even if that's not how you installed it, the following should still fix it for you:

Add a line to /etc/modules.conf reading alias /dev/nvidia* nvidia, save and exit, and run /sbin/depmod -ae as root.

Next time you reboot, the error shouldn't come back.

JJacob 05-18-03 12:48 PM

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ok so I tried bwkazs suggestions of changing the file actually seem to of happened before i did them... So I am attaching the 2 files here to help someone try and figure this out. Thanks.

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