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yfh2 05-17-03 04:15 AM

Someone OUGHT to mention : [Mdk 9 troubleshoot]
I have struggled a lot to discover what prevented the Nvidia drivers to function properly with my MDK9 distro.

Symptoms :
-Nvidia driver load ok (Xfree.log is clean)
- X doesn't start (flickers, then black screen and total lockup)
- if you telnet the box (only way to access it), you see X eating 99% of the CPU.

Cure :
Uninstall libMesaGL1 rpms

For some reason, the script with Nvidia (3123 for me) does not unlink properly (or the mandrake scripts interfere) the libGL1 which gets loaded at start time ...

Hope this helps some desperate guys

bwkaz 05-17-03 09:04 AM

Interesting... Does a newer driver version than 3123 work any better (like 4363)?

With or without libMesaGL...

yfh2 05-17-03 02:00 PM

ARgh : totally fooled !
I was dead wrong :
the system ran for 2 hours, and then hardware (soft ?) lockup.

When I rebooted, I was in the same trouble.

What is it that can go wrong in such a way ?

Is it possible to know which library X is currently running (the one that eats all the CPU) ?

alien999999999 05-17-03 04:38 PM

if you have a problem after reboot, then its because you didn't shut X down properly for installation and the nvidia module isn't loaded at boot time.

unless that it's a totally different thing, but if you get can it working once, you should be able to make it work indefinatly...

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