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Thierry 05-17-03 06:23 AM

New Linux User
Hi everybody,

I'm having a look at Linux RedHat 9.0 have installed it on my machine and I am experiencing some problems.

-No internet connection (right now I'm using my PC).

-No LAN either (probably for the same reasons as I use the LAN to get the interent)

-No idea on what need to be done to update drivers...

My machine config:

motherboard: MSI K7N2G (Video, Sound and LAN all integrated)
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 1700
RAM: 2 banks of DDR 256Mb PC2700
HDD: 80Mb

Please let me know what drivers to get and how to install them under Linux.

vampireuk 05-17-03 06:25 AM


/moved to the linux forum:cool:

Thierry 05-17-03 06:27 AM

More information
I have a bit more info on this:

The chipset for the video, sound , lan etc is the NVidia one North and south.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further info.



Thierry 05-17-03 06:29 AM

I thought I was...

leibold 05-17-03 04:38 PM

I don't know that particular motherboard, but if it's using the nforce chipset you probably need to get the nvnet driver from nvidia. If you go to their download page select platform/nforce -> unified driver package -> linux.

Pheran 05-18-03 05:14 PM

You should be able to get your network connection going if you grab my nvnet RPM for RedHat 9 from here:


Just download the RPM file and run rpm -ivh on it.

bammbamm808 05-18-03 11:46 PM

Some advice for what it's worth:
Give linux a long time to figure out. Always get "under the hood" as that's where the best linux experience lies. Spend as much time as possible reading up on linux on the web. Google for "from power up to bash promt", "how linux works" and other basic primers. Be patient and remember the only thing that can cause you frustration with linux is your own ignorance. Make it a point to try lots of different distros, too. Lean to use source tarballs, and not only .rpm's. And WELCOME to the community.

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