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jcrox 09-17-08 09:20 PM

I was thinking about getting Netflix and was wondering if anyone here has used the download service to watch movies and if you have is it the picture quality decent or is it some crappy 600x800 resolution?

Bearclaw 09-17-08 10:37 PM

Re: Netflix?
I have been using Netflix for about 2 years now. I love it. Great price, great service.

If by download service, do you mean the watch the movies in browser feature? If so, I use it all the time. More so at work, or when I am not at home and able to watch a dvd on the tv. It doesn't have the biggest selection but they are continually adding to it. As far as the resolution goes, it is judged on your internet speed. It is played on your internet speed so if it is slow, it will load a crappy quality copy. If you have a decent internet speed, it will give you a nice resolution.

If you meant the TV box set, I have not used it. I am not sure if it is out yet. It could be, though.

Overall, I recommend it.

crainger 09-18-08 05:00 AM

Re: Netflix?
I just signed up for Quickflix. Aussie branch of netflix. Can't wait. The BD selection is massive. I have 250 titles queued already. ::D:

Bearclaw 09-18-08 08:23 AM

Re: Netflix?

Originally Posted by crainger (Post 1780557)
I just signed up for Quickflix. Aussie branch of netflix. Can't wait. The BD selection is massive. I have 250 titles queued already. ::D:

Ok, great. Unfortunately this is a discussion about Netflix - not Quickflix. Also, we don't care about how big there BG selection is. Please don't deter the conversation anymore, Chris.

crainger 09-18-08 08:39 AM

Re: Netflix?
That is the reason you are on a Limited Profile.

Bearclaw 09-18-08 09:28 AM

Re: Netflix?

Originally Posted by crainger (Post 1780669)
That is the reason you are on a Limited Profile.

I can change! I can change!

(You wrote on my wall. :wonder: )

crainger 09-18-08 04:21 PM

Re: Netflix?
We shall see Clawbear.

We shall see.

jcrox 09-18-08 05:02 PM

Re: Netflix?
I basically want to watch movies on the 42" 1080p TV using my HTPC to download the movies I want to watch. I've got 15meg/2meg for speeds... I hope that's enough.

|JuiceZ| 09-18-08 05:25 PM

Re: Netflix?
We've have had Netflix for the past couple years and we love it, especially for catching up on tv series. Only frustration is some of the popular BR titles tend to be on wait due to their lower stock of BR titles. Regarding the streaming service, we've also had a Roku box for a few months and watch content on a 42" Panny plasma. Keep in mind all the streaming content is SD so don't expect any great visuals on your tv but its decent. They are working on HD streaming content though similar to other products like Vudu or Apple TV.

jcrox 09-19-08 03:53 PM

Re: Netflix?
Now that I think about it, if the streaming content is in SD that pretty much totally defeats the purpose. I can rent new release movies from my local library that's 2 blocks from my house for $1 and I don't rent BR movies, I pretty much just buy them. Guess I'll be holding off.

Thanks for the info.

tornadog 09-30-08 09:40 AM

Re: Netflix?
I just switched to netflix after 2 years of blockbuster. I was happy with blockbuster but i found paying xtra for the unlimited instore exchange was useless since there were hardly any blray movies in the store.

Anyway I had a question about netflix. When I browse the selection of movies, I find many of the newly released ones to be missing. Blockbuster would show upcoming releases upto 2 months in advance so I could save them to my queue and not have to worry about finding them come release date.

I hope the netflix service on the 360 comes soon. That would be super awesome!!!

Bearclaw 09-30-08 10:42 AM

Re: Netflix?
I think it is worth it just for the fact that I can watch everything streaming on my PC. Sure, not everything is on there site for streaming, BUT they are rapidly expanding that. Overall, I am impressed with Netflix. For 4.99/month, I couldn't ask for more. :)

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