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gnat 09-17-08 11:02 PM

System Resource exhaustion / frozen Xorg
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Running Fedora (both 8 & 9) multiple kernels. Randomly xorg stops responding to input, if I login via ssh xorg is pegged at 100%. I can go to init 3 and back to 5, but when I do that, xorg can't come back up. I have to reboot the machine. I followed the instability post, and saw that I had PCI: MMCONFIG so added the parameter as suggested, it froze twice in the last few hours since.

I have two xorg logs, the first before I changed the kernel parameter, and once after. As well I have the two nvidia bug logs pre and post kernel command line change.

Just let me know what to do to help. Its been like this for quite awhile now.

As you can see in the logs, I have two pci-e cards, non-SLI, an 8600GT and 8400GS.

gnat 09-18-08 10:10 AM

Re: System Resource exhaustion / frozen Xorg
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Just an update, I've also recently tried the beta drivers with no improvement. It 'froze' within 20 minutes. bug report attached.

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