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mrybczyn 09-17-08 11:19 PM

GTX260 + Westinghouse LM2410NM

I have a GTX260 + Westinghouse LM2410NM. I'm very dissapointed in the image quality with all the beta nvidia 177.X series.

I've tried to no avail to set 60Hz as the default refresh rate through xorg.conf, which seems to be required for the westy monitor to display 1920x1200 properly, at least thats the spec for the monitor, and was previously suggested on this forum.

Nothing works, I can't get a modeline that gives 60Hz. All of them get recognized by X as ~50 (at least from gnome screen resolution settings), and I'm getting bad pixel bleed (a kind of smear). With the nv driver, all is good.

Help Please!

I've tried from the various modeline generators:


Modeline "1920x1200@60" 210.68 1920 1952 2752 2784 1200 1224 1236 1261

Modeline "1920x1200@60" 154.000 1920 1968 2000 2080 1200 1203 1209 1235 +hsync -vsync

ModeLine "1920x1200@60" 193.2 1920 2048 2256 2592 1200 1201 1204 1242 -hsync +vsync

Modeline "1920x1200_60.00" 193.25 1920 2056 2256 2592 1200 1203 1209 1245 -HSync +Vsync

Modeline "1920x1200@60"  162.00  1920 1968 2000 2080  1200 1203 1209 1235 +hsync -vsync

Modeline  "1920x1200@60" 193.16  1920 2048 2256 2592  1200 1201 1204 1242  +hsync -vsync

Modeline "1920x1200@60" 154 1920 1968 2000 2080 1200 1203 1209 1235 +hsync -vsync

Modeline "1920x1200@60"  154.00  1920 1968 2000 2080  1200 1203 1209 1235 +hsync -vsync

Modeline "1920x1200_75"  193.75  1920 1968 2000 2080  1200 1203 1209 1243  +HSync -Vsync

ModeLine      "1920x1200@60" 193.25 1920 2056 2256 2592 1200 1203 1209 1245 -hsync +vsync

Using NV driver, set to autodetect (no modelines set) the Xorg.0.log states:
(II) NV(0): Output DVI0 using initial mode 1920x1200
(--) NV(0): Virtual size is 1920x1920 (pitch 2048)
(**) NV(0): Driver mode "1920x1200": 154.0 MHz (scaled from 0.0 MHz), 74.0 kHz, 60.0 Hz
(II) NV(0): Modeline "1920x1200"x60.0 154.00 1920 1968 2000 2080 1200 1203 1209 1235 +hsync -vsync (74.0 kHz)

And Gnome Screen Resolution Applet sees 60Hz, and the image quality is awesome (but performance sucks).

When trying the exact same modeline with the NVidia driver, i get 50Hz, and crap image quality.

AaronP 09-18-08 01:22 AM

Re: GTX260 + Westinghouse LM2410NM
Please see the forum sticky posts about how to report a problem, and also the entry in the FAQ section of the README about why RandR-based tools such as the Gnome screen resolution panel get the refresh rate wrong.

mrybczyn 09-19-08 06:37 PM

Re: GTX260 + Westinghouse LM2410NM
1 Attachment(s)
Okay, here's my nvidia-bug-report.log:

AaronP 10-01-08 06:06 PM

Re: GTX260 + Westinghouse LM2410NM
Sorry for the slow response. Your log file is missing the verbose mode validation log. Please start X with "startx -- -logverbose 6" and then generate and attach a new bug report if this problem still occurs with 177.78.

mrybczyn 10-04-08 07:52 PM

Re: GTX260 + Westinghouse LM2410NM
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Ah, missed that, maybe the nvidia-bug-report should check if startx has had the correct loglevel used :-)

Here's the logverbose 6 bugreport...

Yes, the problem still persists. The image quality has been consistently poor since the first driver i tried a few months ago. Only the GPL nv driver gives me good image quality.

The earlier hint of possibly using the wrong refresh rate for my monitor doesn't seem to be it, as nvidia settings gives:

nvidia-settings -q RefreshRate

  Attribute 'RefreshRate' (atilla:0.0; display device: DFP-1): 59.95 Hz.   
    'RefreshRate' is an integer attribute.
    'RefreshRate' is a read-only attribute.
    'RefreshRate' is display device specific.
    'RefreshRate' can use the following target types: X Screen, GPU.

60Hz is the refresh rate given in the Westinghouse documentation, I assume 59.95 is close enough?


mrybczyn 10-10-08 07:53 PM

Re: GTX260 + Westinghouse LM2410NM
1 Attachment(s)
Same problem with 177.80. bug log attached.

mrybczyn 10-25-08 08:01 AM

Re: GTX260 + Westinghouse LM2410NM
Hi nvidia, I still have this awful video quality on my $500 video card with the nvidia driver. Is this ever going to be fixed? Is it on a bug tracking list somewhere?

I guess the good news is that ATI is improving their drivers quickly, and Intel already has great drivers and is improving their graphics performance. If I vote with my feet, I'm not coming back...


AaronP 10-25-08 02:14 PM

Re: GTX260 + Westinghouse LM2410NM
I'm sorry, this slipped through the cracks somehow. According to your log, your monitor is reporting 1920x1200 at 60 Hz as its preferred resolution and the driver is using that. Can you describe in more detail the quality problem you're having? Also, does the monitor have a viewmeter or OSD that you can use to confirm the resolution and refresh rate?

The mode being driven by the nvidia driver is identical to the nv one you listed below:

(II) NVIDIA(0):  Validating Mode "1920x1200":
(II) NVIDIA(0):    1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
(II) NVIDIA(0):    For use as DFP backend.
(II) NVIDIA(0):    Mode Source: EDID
(II) NVIDIA(0):      Pixel Clock      : 154.00 MHz
(II) NVIDIA(0):      HRes, HSyncStart : 1920, 1968
(II) NVIDIA(0):      HSyncEnd, HTotal : 2000, 2080
(II) NVIDIA(0):      VRes, VSyncStart : 1200, 1203
(II) NVIDIA(0):      VSyncEnd, VTotal : 1209, 1235
(II) NVIDIA(0):      H/V Polarity    : +/-
(II) NVIDIA(0):    Mode is valid.

mrybczyn 10-25-08 04:28 PM

Re: GTX260 + Westinghouse LM2410NM
3 Attachment(s)
Well, here's two pictures to illustrate the issue. Note the ghosting in the close/resize window area, using the nvidia driver. Using nv driver, everything is great.

I'm also attaching an nvidia-bug-report from the nv driver, maybe this will help?


conky 10-28-08 06:50 PM

Re: GTX260 + Westinghouse LM2410NM
I have the same monitor hooked up with a DVI-to-HDMI, and it works fine with my 8800GTS. I noticed in your bug report that you have DigitalVibrance set to 123. I have it set to 0, and I get a washed out picture with terrible image quality if I increase it. Try setting DigitalVibrance to 0 with nvidia-settings.

mrybczyn 10-28-08 09:53 PM

Re: GTX260 + Westinghouse LM2410NM
Thanks for the suggestion! I tried it with digital vibrance at 0, and I turned off texture sharpening as well, no difference 8(

mrybczyn 11-04-08 06:04 PM

Re: GTX260 + Westinghouse LM2410NM

And regarding the OSD, it does not display resolution or refresh when in HDMI input mode, only in VGA.

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