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jcrox 09-18-08 07:42 AM

Use DX9 in Steam?
Can anyone tell me how to launch warhead in steam using DX9 instead of DX10?

Unfortunately for me this game for some reason runs like absolute crap in DX10... I don't get it, DX10 1920x1200 everything on high Crysis runs just fine but I can put anything above mainstream in warhead without it turning into a 3-5 fps slide show. :(

bacon12 09-18-08 03:51 PM

Re: Use DX9 in Steam?
1.Go to your steam games page.
2. Right click Crysis Warhead or Crysis Wars
3. Click "Set Launch Options"
4. In the box type in "-dx9"

Fuku2 09-18-08 04:40 PM

Re: Use DX9 in Steam?
DX9 actually runs worse for me. I even tried the game in XP and it's very bad. So far Vista on DX10 on Gamer setting is the best I can do. Even then it gets quite bad, under 20 fps most of the time and then sometimes around 10 fps. :(

jcrox 09-18-08 04:58 PM

Re: Use DX9 in Steam?
Thanks, I forgot to put the "-" in there.

I can run it @ 1920x1200 enthusiast settings DX9 now :)

Much better looking than DX10 mainstream.

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