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sillium 09-18-08 02:15 PM

Dualview on multiple GPU (aka TripleView, Quadview or Infiview)
Hi all, hi nvidia staff!

At the moment i'm using two 8600GT with 3 monitors connected.
Dualview (obviously) works only on two of them. If i'd like to use all 3 monitors as one desktop i have to use Xinerama which sucks (imho).

Thus it would be great to have an option like this:
Option InfiViewOrientation "Card0.DFP0 RightOf Card0.DFP1 RightOf Card1.DFP1"
(just to get the idea never mind how you'd really do it ;) )

Personally i don't care too much for Xrandr 1.1 or 1.2 or 1.3 .. just waiting to long for this.
If nvidia would be willing to offer a proprietary solution i'd be glad to use it!

As a side note: i'm a *BSD user so please offer that to here if you do so.
one more side note: netbsd amd64 support would be just (nana2)

Looking forward to your reactions and best regards!

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