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bacon12 09-20-08 04:32 PM

Vista mc remote
Looking for one that will work with vista. I don't see one like the MS MCE one that works with XP.

I am finally building my HTPC and need good remote. Anyone ever used one of these?

I like the display but it really isn't necessary, and I imagine I could get by with something a lot cheaper.

six_storm 09-20-08 04:46 PM

Re: Vista mc remote
Just get the XP Media Center remote from Microsoft. I've got it and it works perfectly with Vista Media Center.

bacon12 09-20-08 05:40 PM

Re: Vista mc remote
Sweet. Save me some money.

Thx Six

nekrosoft13 09-20-08 08:49 PM

Re: Vista mc remote

Mr Bigman 09-20-08 09:44 PM

Re: Vista mc remote
I like that remote but you can always get the Silverstone VFD displays with remote that does very well with Vista and has macros for many windows apps and settings.

Lyme 09-24-08 12:14 AM

Re: Vista mc remote
I personally use the 360 as a windows media center extender. It works with the arcade version and the remote is around $30.00. It also lets you put your media center pc anywhere on the home network where you can get a hookup to record stuff.

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