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Chappy 09-26-08 08:36 AM

GTX 280 Processing Power Questions
GTX 280 Owners, I was Planning on Buying an GTX 280, I'm thinking if it'll Speed Up My Video Processing/Encoding, H264 takes lots of Time to Encode/Convert from Format to Format, I'm more on Video Encoding, Editing, Processing & High Resolution Image Editing


rage10 09-27-08 08:49 PM

Re: GTX 280 Processing Power Questions
it will do that.

jolle 09-28-08 05:08 AM

Re: GTX 280 Processing Power Questions
with the right software...
I donno but I think these software packages that are out there now arent very mature, and are a bit limited when it comes to options with formats and quality and whatnot.
Saw some thread a while ago, situation might have changed since though.
Worth looking into first though, or if anyone have any direct experience and wants to fill us in.

wollyka 09-28-08 10:24 AM

Re: GTX 280 Processing Power Questions
For now, Encoding on the GPU is less mature, better investing in a fast Quad core CPU.. The situation might change in the future
For Editing image, we will have to wait for Adobe Creative Suite CS4 with GPU acceleration support due shortly to see the real world benefits

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