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p_fey 05-18-03 07:25 AM

screen blanks when starting x
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I just installed the 1.0-4363 release on my suse 8.2 pro machine. Since then my screen (TFT via DVI-Cabel) blanks when x starts. Attaching a crt to the vga doesnīt help, neither does a TV. Itīs no hardware problem since Windows gets pictures on all three outputs.
Installation in textmode was easy, and I had some display of KDE, but only if I booted to runlevel 3. logged in and then did startx or init 5. By now that doesnīt work either, but I havenīt changed any files!!!!
I attached the xfree86.log.

PS: a manual to uninstall the driver would be nice

alien999999999 05-18-03 08:16 AM

easy: the log tells you that it found 2 displays, but initiates only the TV, but unfortunatly specifies it as 1024x768 which a TV can't handle. please post your config file.

you should specify valid twinview stuff to get dual display, although NVIDIA tells the log that your device can only display one head at the same time, so either it's something wrong with the twinview settings or the driver recognizes the wrong card or its currenty not implemented for your card, which I would doubt.

good luck,

and oh, yeah, with suse you have to do some settings differently, I have no experience with that...

DrOzz 05-18-03 11:49 AM

and to answer you about the uninstaller....it is mentioned in the readme file, and all it is, is you run the installer file the same way as when your installing it but using the parameter "--uninstall" at the end of it

alien999999999 05-19-03 06:22 AM

you have to do a 'ldconfig' as root for now to make the uninstalling complete, for this release, they appearantly forgot. I'm sure the next version will correct that...

p_fey 05-29-03 08:48 AM

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I guess you mean the XF86Config.
Here it is.
I already knocked out the Nvidia driver because I need my Computer, but Iīm still interested in using its full capabilities.

alien999999999 05-30-03 09:08 AM

no, ldconfig is actually a command, that has something to do with shared libraries, but i don't know if suse uses that or something...

p_fey 06-10-03 11:22 AM

My Display is up and running again. Final solution was a win95-style reinstall of Suse and installing the Nvidia driver immediately afterwards.

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