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sharpe 05-18-03 12:52 PM

Geforce 2GO & RH 9
Hello all,

I have recently upgraded from RH 7.2 to RH 9 (mistake) and I am having problems getting my Geforce 2 GO card to work properly. I have installed the driver (/etc/X11/XF86Config --> Driver "nvidia") and I get the nVidia splash screen but the quality is still in the toilet. Is there perhaps something that I overlooked?

Thanks in advance!
Kindest regards,

DrOzz 05-18-03 02:25 PM

well what do you mean the quality is in the toilet...like the quality of what...if you just mean the splashscreen, and/or the way your desktop looks....well then maybe its the color depth you have it set at...

sharpe 05-20-03 02:26 PM

Colour depth

Yeah It is the colour depth but when I turn it up the Xserver won't run. Any ideas?


sharpe 05-20-03 02:28 PM

Colour Depth
I just cranked it up to millions of colours and the quality is still the same. I can't even enable hardware 3D acceleration.

cjmace 05-20-03 02:35 PM

I had similar problems coming from RH8.0.

This is what I did...

remove any and all traces of the nvidia driver.
rpm -V every XFree rpm on your machine
rpm --erase --nodeps all the ones that have problems
download pristine copies of them from redhat.
rpm --install them.
download the nvidia driver version previous to 4363 and install that. Then run the installer again with the --update flag. Everything worked fine that way.

With just the 4363 install, I could get everything to work except for glx, but it was a pain to get that far. This way, it works clean, but it is a pain.


sharpe 05-20-03 03:08 PM

I will give a go.
Thanks for your help mate.

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