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benk 05-18-03 05:09 PM

mounted device permisiion
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I mounted hdb1 at /mnt/Win and hdb5 at /mnt/win98 and work fine. the ploblems its when i try to unpack a tar.gz file like xine-libs, it work at my hda = / usr/src but when i try to unpack the file at /mnt/win98/l/ make errors like " xine-lib-1beta cannont change the owner to uid 1001, gid 1001 " not permission to operation

tar out error.
need to know how can fix it , and what i should to do . thz.

there is Attach my /etc/fstab file config

remu 05-19-03 07:38 AM


The reason for the errormessages is, that VFAT filesystem doesn't have any security bits in it like NTFS or Linux filesystems has.

To get rid of the error messages, you could add two parameters to the lines where you mount hdb1 and hdb5.

The parameters are users,quiet, so the hdb1 line would look like this:
/dev/hdb1 /mnt/Win vfat users,quiet,rw 0 0

The changes allows normal users to mount the partition, and when making changes on the partition, linux supresses the error messages. The rw part is unnecessary.

benk 05-19-03 08:24 AM

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its work , thankz so much.

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