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Quarter 10-04-08 05:23 PM

Any word on the DRM management tool?
Any word on when the DRM management tool EA promised is coming out? I'm holding off uninstalling it on my laptop to get that install back.

BioHazZarD 10-05-08 03:38 AM

Re: Any word on the DRM management tool?
Eh as long as you install the game on 1 pc you can do it as many times as you want, its only when u cross over the 5 computer install thing u get trouble.

Crow_Nest 10-05-08 09:08 AM

Re: Any word on the DRM management tool?
As long as you do not install it on a PC with a freshly installed OS or if you do not make major hardware changes you will be fine. I dont know if this works, but maybe you can try making a backup of the game's exe after it has already been authenticated. When you do a fresh install, copy and paste overwrite the unauthenticated exe with the old one. Because i noticed the exe file size dropped after authentication. But if it works, then its safe to say that the authenticated .exe is a crack... o.O

Lfctony 10-05-08 10:37 AM

Re: Any word on the DRM management tool?
They should make a tool to store computer data. Something that allows you to reinstall the game on the same PC, even if you reinstall the OS, without having to activate again. That way, you can reinstall Windows twenty times and reactivate 20 times without the need for internet access or extra activations... The activation data would still be bound to that PC, so you wouldn't be able to use it on another one... And offer the extra activations as well.

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