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Tactics 08-09-02 11:21 AM

The Thing looks pretty sweet..
I just checked it out over at gamespot and the SS's look nice. We need more scarier games put out. Undying was the last real scary one besides AvP2 as the marine. Playing Undying with the lights out damn near gave me a heart attack on a few occasions. :eek:

Edit: here's the actual site


-=DVS=- 08-09-02 01:53 PM

WOW looks realy good , remainds me of Half Life :eek: need to get need to get........

fishlung 08-09-02 05:22 PM

I saw the game in action at the San Diego Comic Con... Eh, I dunno what to tell ya. I've seen the movie a bazillion times. I love the movie, but how interesting can the game be? Hm... I keep hoping for the next System Shock 2... one can hope :)

-=DVS=- 08-09-02 05:58 PM

Yeah System Shock 2 was awesome , very sceary also , it could look so sweet with newest DX8.1 engine like Doom 3 or Unreal 2

with shadows and effects *drool* :p

Tactics 08-09-02 06:30 PM

Man that's one game I never played. System Shock 2. I heard it was killa. I wonder if I can still buy it. I'm sure if I do some research i can grab it.

-=DVS=- 08-10-02 12:11 AM

its not real First Person Shooter you should know , its slow shooter lol its more like RPG action quest not for kids actualy , complex and not so easy :D

One of its kind hehe , graphics will be outdate to todays standarts but if you get tell us how you like it ;)

Nephilim 08-10-02 01:01 AM


Originally posted by Tactics
Man that's one game I never played. System Shock 2. I heard it was killa. I wonder if I can still buy it. I'm sure if I do some research i can grab it.
You can still buy it. I see it in stores here for like 19 bucks or less. This game is totally worth owning, regardless of how dated it looks.

Made by the same game designer (Warren Spector) that brought you Deus Ex (and soon Deus Ex 2!!), Thief, and Thief 2.

Get it.

DoGG 08-10-02 10:21 AM

hehe system shock 2 had one of the greatest endings of all time imo ))

prydah 08-10-02 10:49 AM

yeah its at fry's electronics for around $12.99 or $9.99

yeah i liked the thing movie. i watched it long long ago. i just remember it was scary

i hope the game is just as good

DaveW 08-11-02 10:36 PM

For a movie title, this game is looking suprisingly good.

DoinkyBottoms 08-17-02 12:16 AM

System Shock 2 was so freaky I couldn't play it. All those weird freaks groaning and coming from behind while you try to deal with the automated machine guns... AvP2 aged me 2 years easy. Undying nearly killed me. Still weren't as bad as SS2.

The Thing would be pretty freaky if it had friendly guys aka half-life that followed you around until all of a sudden... groan...stretch..creak..mmmUUHHHHH!!!!!..:eek:

de><ta 08-17-02 10:33 AM

Yeah love those kinda game which totally scare you. Avp and AVP2 scared me big time. Especially when u are in a room with that flashig strobe light and u see an alien... arghhh

Real sweet playing it with the sub woofer directly behind the back of your chair.

There is another game called CALL OF CHTHULU which is another claustrophobic kinda games. You have real time phobia's hallucinations etc depending on ur character. (it FPS)

The THING looks ok, hope it has a good story line and game play...

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