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stodgel 05-19-03 08:22 PM

Distro Specific rpm's
I need to know if the latest 1.0-4363 drivers are only available with the new installer or are they still available by rpm's and tar files? I have them installed from the installer. I have SuSE 8.2 I just installed. I read on a review for this particular release that nVidia said that the nVidia drivers needed to be installed from a Distro specific rpm. Where SuSE said that the regular installer was fine to install them by. Now, do these rpm's even exist anymore, because I can't seem to find them on the nVidia site. If so, who do you listen to in a situation like this?

bwkaz 05-19-03 08:31 PM

I'd not worry about whatever review you heard that on.

Where did you hear it, anyway?

The only distros that require RPMs are, AFAIK, SuSE 8.1 and earlier. I believe 8.2 will function just fine with the installer .run file. If you do have 8.1 or earlier, there is a link to the RPMs that SuSE built from these drivers on the driver download page.

stodgel 05-20-03 05:22 AM

It was on the register :


That's good to know at least, I guess whoever wrote the article just assumed that it was still the same as it had been.

bwkaz 05-20-03 04:53 PM

Yeah, it seems that the Register didn't read properly. :p

From the driver page:


Note: If you are using SuSE 8.1 or earlier, or if you are using United Linux 1.0, we recommend installing from RPMs built by SuSE. These are available via ftp. If you install via the .run file, XFree86 configuration with SaX2/YaST2 will not work correctly. For more information, see the NVIDIA Installer HOWTO for SuSE Linux at http://www.suse.de/en/private/downlo...86/index.html.
They were saying that "SuSE recommends the .run file, but nVidia recommends the RPMs instead", which isn't the case for the version they were using.

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