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DrOzz 05-19-03 11:35 PM

my black screen fix
ok i am going to give the steps i took to get rid of the black screen when booting into X...i will start off by saying that i have tried the following distros:
RH8, RH9, MDK9.1, MDK8.2...
not saying the distro makes the difference, but i am just filling you in...during this explanation i am installing RH8...
1) i boot up my machine and enter the BIOS...
2) i load setup defaults
3) i set irq 10 and 11 to reserved.. and make sure PNP OS is off and assign irq to vga is enabled...
4) i boot with RH8 cd, and do a custom install...
5) during X configuration i instruct at the end of setup to boot into console and not graphical...
6) machine reboots after installation is done into console and i have the nvidia 4363 install script on a secondary hard drive, and i copy it to my home directory and run the install...
7) i personally only made the changes of commenting load "dri" and added Driver "nvidia"...i did not use any other options, although others might, who knows its trial and error....
8) type startx and i am in..

so all i have to say if you take these steps, you obviously have to backup whatever you have cause you will be doing a fresh install, and if anyone trys these steps, the best of luck to you...i know i am happy know :P Counter-Strike will be played once again ;-)..:) :D ;) :p :cool:

i just had to edit this post because i forgot to mention a step i took weather or not it made a difference, but before i even turned my box on, i switched my sound card to a different pci slot and i also switched my network card to another pci slot..then i turned my machine on and went through the steps taken above...

DrOzz 05-20-03 05:52 AM


DrOzz 05-27-03 12:01 PM


tsubasa 05-29-03 03:03 AM

dont work for me

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