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how 05-20-03 05:27 AM

how come linux driver got so many bugs?
the Detonator forum for windows only have 3 pages
Linux forum have 26 pages! and going.

DrOzz 05-20-03 05:51 AM

cause the linux installer is not 1,2,3 as windows, and it requires some people to take 3 mins outta their busy lives to read the readme to see how to install it, its not as easy as a double click...and people are lazy and can't find the keywords such as put "sh" in front of the installer file to start the installer as root and change driver from "nv" to "nvidia"....and then if they do by chance run into a problem, they don't consult the readme file where it shows alot of the most common errors....
don't get me wrong, people come on here with errors that sound like the answer is right there in front of them, but nothing works, or just an error that is not pointed out in the readme...and so be it...but you will notice that the majority of problems could be figured out with the end user themselves doing a little bit of reading...

thats my 0.02 :afro:

Anthaus 05-20-03 11:05 AM

People are more likely to talk when they know that their opinion can make a difference.

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