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Vanzagar 10-17-08 12:17 PM

Ack, OVerclocking problems...
Just got my two GTX260's hooked up in SLI last week and started playing around with overclocking them last night, btw I'm a novice at this.... Before I started overclocking I got a score of 16,300 in 3dMark2006, these are stock cards no FTW version:


So I gave it a try a 640Mhz/1350 (Clock Core/Shader Clock), kept Memory clock at default 999, people on this forums and others stated they overclocked stock clocks easily to 700+ Mhz or near FTW versions. So I though ah 640 no problem, when running 3dmark2006 there was no stuttering or artifcats, everything looked and ran smooth, temps maxed out at around 66/67C, the problem is my score went DOWN to 10,800 wtf?

So I changed the clocks back to stock and still scored around 10-11K, rebooted ran stocks again 10-11K *scratches head*... Could I have damaged the cards when they are running fine with no artifacting and temps around 66C?? Could maybe one card be damaged, although when I ran 3dmark06 with just one card I got a score of 14,200...

Suggestions on what to try next?

Thanks for any suggestions/advice... gonna try retesting tonight, make sure I've ran adaware and nothing is running in the background...


john19055 10-28-08 01:03 PM

Re: Ack, OVerclocking problems...
I would take them out and put one in at a time and see what you get ,make sure to uninstall your drivers and then reinstall when you put one card back in and see what you get with just one card.If both cards do fine ,then put both back in and reinstall your drivers and see what you get.Plus what are your spec's and what kind of power supply do you have.Does it have 4 seprate 6pin PCIe plugs.

k0py 10-28-08 02:08 PM

Re: Ack, OVerclocking problems...
Have You checked to make sure sli is in fact enabled? Although your sli score seems low anyway. With my q6600 at 2.8 I get 15,200, and thats with 2 x 9800gtx.

P.S. Look at the result analyzer. It says your s.m.3 score is n/a. Thats weird.

john19055 10-31-08 07:46 AM

Re: Ack, OVerclocking problems...
I would reseat them and changeing the one I had in the secound slot to the first and then I would uninstall the drivers and then reinstall the drivers and make sure your Bios setting are correct and make sure you have SLI enable.I score 16,028 with my one BFG GTX 280 OCX at default and my Q6600 at 3240g.

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