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dillweed 05-20-03 06:55 PM

Dell 8200 Geforce4 440 Go + Redhat 9
Just switched to Redhat 9 today; got sick of Windows bull. Anyways forgive me for being a complete newbie to this but I am having some display problems. As I mentioned in the subject line, I have a Dell 8200 with the 64mb Geforce 4 40 Go video card. I am running kde and am only able to run this small window in the middle of my screen (640x480). The same is true when running gnome. I switched the resoloution to 1280x1024 and logged out of X like it told me too; however when I come back it has not changed. HELP!............ Any help here would be great. I have tried to research this myself but am rapidly becoming suicidal-(joke). Thanks

nightshadow 06-04-03 09:51 AM

Try to use "IgnoreEDID" " true" Option in your config file...
I had similar problems some month ago, an this help me.

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