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Malakh 05-20-03 08:01 PM

HELP: Nvidia drivers with Mandrake 8.1?!
I having been trying to install the Nvidia Linux drivers on my Mandrake 8.1 system. I have found several posts about doing this with mdk9.x here and on other boards but I am not having any luck with any of that help on my mdk8.1 system.

After my first install it was running KDE just fine and in 1280x1024. I am not sure what driver it was using I think it was 'nv' but I am not sure because of the 2 XF86Config files I could not figure out which it was using cause there was no XFree86.0.log.

Then after some more exploring I figured out it was using XF86Config-4. But something I did in the process of trying to figure that out caused a problem cause I exited out of xwindows. And with out chaning anything yet I was unable to go back it. It was telling me that there was no "suitable screens" to startx with.

So I then tried averything I could to edit the XF86Config-4 to try and get things working. I was never able to get the Nvidia drivers to work. I tried the .run version and the .rpm version. I have not tried doing tarballs yet because nvidia says the .run is the same as the .tars.

I could not get them to work, nor can I seem to get the 'nv' driver to work again. The only way I can seem to get X to run is with the 'vesa' driver and that will only go to 640x480 with a virtual desk of 1024x768.

Can anyone help? Is there anyway I can get mdk8.1 setup with an nvidia driver and GLX? Or am I going to have to wait until I can upgrade to 9.x? I want to upgrade to 9.1 but with each ISO estimating 4+hours to download I am not going to be doing it soon. I have tried to download them but have been unsuccessful so far. My Rural DSL connection is somewhat schetchy and it is rare that I have a solid connection for 4+ hours. I may go and see if I can find the mdk9.x magazine cover cd sometime soon though.

Anyway if anyone can help me with this I would be most thankful.

alien999999999 05-21-03 08:26 AM

try ldconfig after uninstalling to get nv driver to work again.

post the config file and log file with which you get the unusable configuration...

probably some frequency settings...

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