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watermelonman 10-21-08 06:54 PM

resolution problem
I have a gtx260 and a 24 inch wide screen monitor. For some reason I cannot get 1600x1200. When I try to run any game at that resolution it reverts to like 640 or something like that. I have the latest drivers and everything. I even unchecked the box in options that reads display only resolutions the monitor can display. there is still no 1600x1200 listed? Also, my old x800 worked great at 1600x1200 on this monitor. My geforce does not. I really want that resolution so i can play some older games. Anyone know what would cause a problem such as this? Is there anyway to force 1600x1200? Thanks!

bvn 11-08-08 12:02 AM

Re: resolution problem
Anybody know how to add screen resolutions to "nvidia-settings"? Editing xorg.conf gets me nowhere. I have a number of GeForce cards in a variety of machines, all with the same problem.
The display adapters (video cards) range from an MX4000 up to a 9800GTX+.
New nVidia drivers have no effect. System-config-display just undoes everything (as does nvidia-settings and xrandr). The displays in question range from a Viewsonic VA1912w on VGA all the way up to a SONY VLP15AW on HDMI. I have had some luck with dual SOYO Topaz S displays (1920x1200) on a FX5200 adapter. But other than that one exception, I always get a default of 1024x768 which is less than the 1440x900 of the VA1912w.
The displays in question have aspect ratios of either 16:9 or 16:10. They are also LCD devices - which means to me "run at native resolution" without exception - well maybe an exception for BIOS, but a full OS with real drivers and configuration tables should do better.
/usr/share/hwdata/MonitorDB only lists the H & V timing limits. Where are the resolutions enumerated?
M$ always seems to get it right and the first time at that. Why can't Linux?
The most irksome combination, at the moment, is an FC9 system for running VLC with a GeForce 7600GS (AGP-8x) dual head that is supposed to drive a SONY VLP-15AW (720/60P) over HDMI and a VA1912w (1440x900) rotate left over VGA.
Is there a general way to add the various native resolutions to the nvidia-settings program?
Is there a way to remove all the other resolutions from the selection list?

bvn 11-08-08 02:02 AM

Re: resolution problem
figured out part of the problem using a dual head vga (FX5200) and three monitors with identical hwdata timing. They differ only in aspect ratio. How goes the driver know the aspect ration of a vga monitor? FYI the resolution list for the monitors was the same - and wrong for two of them. Is there a monitor configuration table that encapsulates aspect ratio?
So I guess the question becomes - how do I disallow 4:3 display resolutions?

john19055 11-14-08 07:24 AM

Re: resolution problem
Some game you have to set at 16:9 or 16:10 because if it is set a 4:3 it will limmit your resolution.But the only game I have ran into that problem was HL2 E2, all other games that I have ran lets me use my highest resolution.

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