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alanon 10-23-08 07:09 PM

networking works, except internet
This is a new one for me. I have a client with a pc at their house, they asked me to take a look because their internet wasn't working.

I think it's a virus issue; several scans have cleaned probably 20 of them. I can ping the outside world just fine, by IP or name, but the internet doesn't work. I have found tons of sites saying it's a problem with winsock, I did all the commands to fix it, it says it is fixed, but still nothing.

Here's the strange part, if I boot into safe mode with networking, the Internet works fine...

I tried disabling everything (In msconfig) at start up and that didn't help. I am thinking that a reformat is the only way. I hate to have to do it but I think I have no choice.

Any suggestions??

Starscream 10-23-08 11:24 PM

Re: networking works, except internet
I'd say run the usual spyware cleanup apps first, Combofix, Smitfraudfix, Spybot, Adaware, CWShredder, etc. Then if it still can't surf run LSPFix.

alanon 10-24-08 07:13 PM

Re: networking works, except internet
Do you know if that program does the same as this?


I didn't make it to the clients today...it has been a crazy week.


Runningman 10-25-08 05:04 PM

Re: networking works, except internet

have cleaned probably 20 of them.
Honestly, if i was you, I would reassure my client that a full format is in his best interest. If a machine is this widely compromised chances are that you are never going to get all the little nasties out. Just back up his data and low-level format the drive.

alanon 10-25-08 05:49 PM

Re: networking works, except internet
I told him he was better off getting a new system. This system is nearly 5 years old. He is going to order a new one on Monday.

It gets to a point when it's a waste of money to keep an old system running anyways. Even though he is the owner of the IT company I work for, it's a waste of time to have me working that long on something that we can't bill for :) Once I transfer important data, I'll wipe the old one and he can give it to his kids.


rudedog 11-01-08 10:39 AM

Re: networking works, except internet
Just for kicks did you check the subnet and defualt gateway?

what about his host file? if it is a virus or spyware they could have misconfigured his host file.

alanon 11-01-08 02:13 PM

Re: networking works, except internet
Yes, I could ping external even. They could also get email.

IE didn't work, they ahd safari installed so I tried that, same problem.

DNS was also functioning as well, from command line, pings resolved. Host file was same as default one.

zoomy942 11-01-08 02:16 PM

Re: networking works, except internet
maybe try uninstalling the network card drivers? or updating them?

hell - a trick i have used is more the network card to a different PCI slot, but if thos card is onboard, that wont work:)

alanon 11-01-08 02:21 PM

Re: networking works, except internet
Did that too :)

Unistalled it, rebooted and isntalled new drivers.

It was on on-board card, I was going to bring in a new one from the office, but he finally said forget it and bought a new system.

zoomy942 11-01-08 02:43 PM

Re: networking works, except internet

a 5 year old system needs to be replaced anyway:) and nowadays - PC's are so cheap, they are almost like disposable cameras

rflair 11-02-08 01:03 PM

Re: networking works, except internet

or maybe


iflop 11-02-08 04:57 PM

Re: networking works, except internet
Is there a software firewall thats blocking the internet browsers?

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