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TinheadNed 05-21-03 12:30 PM

Surround sound for Nforce1?
I've got an nForce A7N266C or something like that, with the 5.1 surround card onboard. I've got sound working nicely on my system now, through ALSA, although it worked okay in OSS.

However, I haven't worked out how to get 5.1 sound working. The kernel OSS driver says that it detects 6 channels but can only support 2 (due to limitations of the driver as I understand it) and the NVidia patch for the driver doesn't seem to change much apart from adding PCI IDs to the detection.

I installed ALSA (as it has 5.1 support in it) and it finds a channel called Surround, but doesn't seem to do anything with it.

I've got 5.1 speakers here, so you can imagine that playing them like they're stereo sounds a bit tinny and nasty (not counting having to reboot to WinXP to watch DVDs).

Am I doing something wrong, or is there currently no 5.1 support for the nForce1? If there isn't, will there be soon, as I really like NVidia's linux support at the moment, but would like to remove Windows from my computers entirely soon, and at the moment I can't. I'm running Gentoo Linux so everything should be at their most up to date.

I read the other post in this forum that focussed on sound, but I'm not bothered about the SP/DIF output.

Any help would be appreciated.

qzg 06-16-03 10:24 AM

Also looking for this answer
I would like to hear this answer also.

navara 06-19-03 08:42 AM

same to me.

It does not improve in nforce2 :|

I bought Plextor CDRW and it has some kind of digital channel - I havent found it on my (Solterk) board with nforce2 chipset, am I wrong or there is missing support for it ?

linuxer062003 06-23-03 09:06 PM

It seems the driver is supporting multichannel pcm waves.
But it is not replicating the stereo waves to other speakers as well.

Thunderbird 06-25-03 05:20 AM

The nforce/nforce2 linux driver is based on intel's i810 audio driver. Both seem to use similar codecs. The driver gives you sound but not much more. Nvidia's own 3d sound chip is not used at all by the driver (or perhaps only the basic stuff is used). I'm affraid that all special sound features that are available on windows (5.1, dolby ..) are not supported on linux for the time being.

JeffxxxPete 06-25-04 02:07 PM

Re: Surround sound for Nforce1?
So you're saying both the latest NVIDIA linux driver 1-0-0274 and the current ALSA driver both use intel's i810 which currently does not support 5.1 channel sound? Like the other members of this thread, I'm using ALSA on an onboard nForce mobo and only receive 2 channel support.

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